Discovered in Canada: Guess what kind of animal it is – Guide

Discovered in Canada: Guess what kind of animal it is - Guide

This animal is an incredible 57,000 years old. Permafrost soil protected in Canada with snow.

Researchers are excited about this discovery. It is the most complete mummy of this species “that has ever been found,” said Julie Machen, anatomy researcher at the University of Des Moines (USA). “It’s practically 100 percent intact, the only thing missing is the eyes.”

It rarely happens that such mummies are found in the area, according to the researcher. Animals must be preserved in ice after their death – before the body rot or be eaten by other animals.

Do you see what kind of animal was found there?

: Probably Tip 1: This is a baby animal, probably just seven weeks old.

2 to Tip 2: At that time, according to the researcher, animals of this species usually ate bison, musk oxen and other large land animals. But based on the discovery, scientists were able to prove something else: “One thing that particularly surprised us was that it had eaten aquatic animals, especially salmon,” Machen says.

Maybe this picture will help you tooPhoto: dpa

3 ▶ Tip 3: The animal lived in a bill. It probably collapsed quickly, the baby animal died quickly.

Still no idea? Then here comes the solution: an animal protected by ice is a wolf pup.

The animal was discovered in 2016 by a gold mine worker. Now researchers have investigated this in more detail and published their findings on puppy feeding, for example.

Now the baby wolf must be cleaned and professionally protected. It will then be screened at the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Center in Whitehorse, northwest Canada.

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