Apple loves PlayStation 5

Apple loves PlayStation 5
PS5 playing a song as Apple Music is playing. (image source: giga)

Apple is dedicating itself to Sony’s PlayStation 5 and fulfilling a huge desire of gamers. From now on they can get their game soundtrack from the Apple Music catalog and no longer rely on alternative streaming services like Spotify. However, those who have Xbox have nothing left.

playstation 5

Apple Music now on PS5, Xbox is blank

Sony and Apple are canceling availability Apple Music for PS5 Feather. For the first time ever, subscribers to the streaming service can access the service with more than 90 million songs available on game consoles (source: playstation official blog) Although Apple Music isn’t coming to Xbox, Microsoft is initially left empty-handed with the deal.

However, users can not only access previous playlists on PS5, Exclusively curated game playlist Also available to match. but also music videos Apple Music Played back without any problems.

Apple Music on PS5 – This is what it looks like (Image: Sony).

Useful integration into the world of games

Particularly useful and long wanted: Music can usually be played in the background and thus even while playing. consequently Everyone has their own gaming soundtrack And no longer rely on the songs in the game alone. This is especially useful, for example, in racing and action games. How exactly does it work?

Apple Music can also be opened during a game by pressing the PS button on the DualSense wireless controller to call up “Control Center” and “Music Function Card.” which then shows Music recommendations suitable for the game currently being played Feather. Players also get access to playlists from the library and the above gaming playlists are displayed.

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already knew? i video We explain how you can get more memory in Sony’s PS5:

Apple Music download available now PS5 Possible, after that supported registration via QR code or traditionally by entering Apple ID. Incidentally, this isn’t the first time Apple and Sony have worked together. The popular game console got last year Apple TV app donated. Subscribers can also watch movies and series on PS5 and PS4 from Apple TV+.

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