FORSPOKEN: 10-minute gameplay trailer gives comprehensive insight into Athiya’s world


Square Enix and Luminous Productions today released the 10-minute gameplay trailer for the highly anticipated action RPG forspoken free. The new trailer takes a deep dive into the game’s magic-based combat and parkour mechanics, revealing a surprisingly beautiful yet gruesome world for players to explore at once, along with fracture-infested enemies. forspoken Will release on 24 January 2023.

The new gameplay footage will give players an in-depth look at some of the areas they’ll discover in Athia, including Sipal, the last remaining sanctuary where the surviving Athenians take refuge from the devastating Rift, a mysterious force that destroys everything and everyone. ruins it just by touching it. Sipal is an important place for Frey to gather information and barter for goods in order to prepare to face corrupt land and beasts in his attempt to save Athiya.

The new trailer takes Frey on a mission to the Athenian archivist Johedi as he ventures into the jungles of two lands corrupted by fractures: Pranost and Evolet. The two areas shown in the trailer introduce the various enemies that Frey faces and show off the versatility of his magical combat abilities. Players can choose to deal magical damage to their enemies by fighting in a controlled frenzy and unleash a barrage of sharp spells, or take a more strategic approach and incapacitate their enemies with powerful, planned attacks. In forspoken No fight is like another.

It also introduces Frey’s magic-based parkour abilities, which she can overcome seamlessly and quickly, preparing Athiya for her next big fight. With the magic-powered parkour system, players can explore the lush landscapes of Athia and discover a variety of rewards, including: mana, which can be used by players to create new magical abilities, powerful stat-boosting gear, As well as can to unlock collectibles for crafting. trading, and more. New gameplay footage also gives players a glimpse into how Frey’s parkour is used in conjunction with abilities in combat: he can dodge enemy attacks while dealing damage with dexterity and agility.

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Square Enix and Luminous Productions also revealed a new portrayal of protagonist Frey Holland. Armed with new magical abilities and her talking partner, the Rift, the new artwork features Frey as Athiya’s formidable heroine, ready to face the trials and challenges that come with saving Athia and finding her way home. Waiting before finding a way.

forspoken Specifically designed for the PS5 and harnesses the full power of the console. With this game, Luminous Productions showcases its philosophy of creating gaming experiences that have never been seen before by combining the latest technology and creativity. forspoken Will be released simultaneously on PS5 and PC (via STEAM, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store) on January 24, 2023 and is available for pre-order now. Prequel DLC”forspoken: in the influx we trust‘ Appears in the summer of 2020

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