What can Apple learn from the Samsung Galaxy S21

What can Apple learn from the Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung and Apple have a long history. More often than not, they faced each other in court and worked together at the same time. In the early years of the iPhone, Apple took action against the South Koreans because they copied the designs. Nevertheless, he behaved professionally, so that Samsung has been supplying chips for a long time and is still working as a supplier for display panels today.

Samsung replaces Apple

Apple has long been considered the most innovative company and has remained a driving force in various technologies. However, no one shows himself eager to experiment, so that the latter only “appears at the party” once – with maturing instead. It runs in most areas of Apple. This is particularly noticeable on the iPhone. There they still do without fingerprint sensors in the display, although suppliers are available and they hold many patents.

Samsung is taking a more aggressive approach. The South Korean company likes to try and risk something out with Galaxy Fold. It is not uncommon for Samsung to have functions already integrated into smartphones that Apple will not offer years later. It should be noted that these do not always work directly. The display had a problem with recognition with the fingerprint sensor, while face recognition was ruled out by a Facebook photo just minutes after introduction into the hands-on area.

Apple has higher standards and is less risky. Californians should still think outside the box and be inspired by some of the features that Samsung is already implementing – and some it’s not too bad. In our small gallery, we have compiled some functions for you which we will also like for the upcoming iPhone.

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