Logitzer Futches: Weak Defense Costs Waveser

Torhüter Mac Carruth von den Lausitzer Füchsen kassierte zwei frühe Gegentore im Duell mit den Eispiraten Crimmitschau.

Logitzer Fuches continued his series of defeats in DEL2. 2: 3 on Eispiraten Crimmitschau is already the fourth bankruptcy in a row for Weeweiser. DEL2 draws past in CrimeSmitsu’s table, the fox finishing ninth. He had plenty of opportunities in this game on Friday evening and parts of the game. However, due to overwhelming defensive weaknesses, coach Corey Nielsen’s team quickly fell behind.

Lüsitzer Fuchsense defender Eric Mick made his initial farewell in the Wewassernan jersey. The promotion licensed player was ordered to return to the capital by DEL cooperation partner Eisbären Berlin, as Leon Gawanke is now playing for the Winnipeg Jets in Canada. Eric Mick was featured 19 times for Waveser this season.

The derby started badly for the guests at Khali Sahnepark. Ice Pirate’s top scorer Matthew Lemay scored in the 4th minute by Krismitschau. After seven minutes, Daniel Wei improved to 2–0. In both hit films, the antagonist ended very easily. “Krimmitschu plays very quickly. Today we have a lot of hard work. We have to play more focused and energetic, ”Futures defender Ondrej Pozivil said after the first third in an interview with Spread-TV.

And the mountain of work for Lusatian foxes became even greater. Soon after the start of the second period, Marius Daimler improved to 3–0 (23rd). He was completely freed in front of goalkeeper Mac Carruth. It is good that Weisswasser practically managed to make it 3–1 in exchange for Jonathan Martin (23rd). Because now the game of the guests had become better. They were now physically very much present. Rylan Schwartz used a nice trick to make it 2: 3 (35th).

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In the final third, the foxes continued to press too much and pushed for compensation. But defensive weaknesses can no longer be corrected in the initial phase. Crimeasmachau saved the narrow lead over time.

Corey Nielsen (Trainer Lujitzer Fuchs): “Of course I am disappointed in this defeat. We made big mistakes on the defensive in critical situations and thus achieved all three goals. We were more aggressive than the second third. In the final third we did not reach the goal of the puck. “

Mario Amir (Trainer Ispiraten Krimmitschau): Both teams played very fast. We benefited from taking an early lead. From the second third we came under pressure. But the team clashed with each other and won the game. “

Ice Pirates Crimsitchau – Lusitzer Fuchsay 3: 2 (2: 0, 1: 2, 0: 0)

Goals: 1: 0 Limay (4th), 2: 0 White (7th), 3: 0 Daimler (23rd), 3: 1 Martin (23rd), 3: 2 Schwartz (35th); Ref: Appel / folds; Audience: None; Penalty minutes: 6/6.

Next game: Lusatian Fox – ESV Kaufburen (Sunday, 5 pm).

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