Lytle and Raum are angry about a missed win – game

Lytle and Raum are angry about a missed win - game

SpVgg Greuther does not go 1: 1 against Fürth Paderborn –
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To the disappointment: Fürth had several good chances, but got only one point against Paderborn. Havildar Nielsen was angry with this.

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After the final whistle, the hosts were very angry and disappointed. He had a strong performance, but could not advance to 1: 1 (1: 1) against SC Paderborn. “Of course we’re annoyed that we don’t score,” Stefan Leitel, SpVgg Greuther Fürth’s coach, admitted shortly after the final whistle. “But I also like a team that creates chances to score. And when I see how we do it, I like to look at it. It makes me proud. I want some teams I know those who combine in this way and score such goals. “

Too many opportunities in the SCP draw: Clover Leaf criticism – and your opinion?

Clover missed the jump to the top of the table. Against Paderborn, the Little-Elf came in at only 1: 1 despite several chances. How did you see the performance of Shamrock Kicker? Give your grade – and complete a personal review by Katharina Tonsak!

A fully fit cross from David Raum reached Sebastian Ernst, who scored interim 1-0 with a diving header. It was the left-seventh assist of the season – none better in the second division here. “It would have been nice if we had rewarded each other again,” said Raum, who is going to TSG Hoffenheim after this lap Sky– Interview. “As a team, we were angry that we were not taking the game to our side.” Shamrock was also lucky that he did not deliver everything at the last minute.

“We had a lot more clear possibilities”

“It was a very interesting and highly intense game with two teams starring with open spaces. The game definitely deserved a lot of spectators,” Letl said. “But I think we were a little better and deserved the win. We had more as well as clear chances.” Branimir Hargata, Sebastian Ernst, Paul Segin, Howard Nielsen – they could all decide the game for clover leaves, if not at all.

Serious in low flying: Kleblat made a great combination in Paderborn draw

SpVgg Greuther Fürth had enough games against SC Paderban to win a duel with SC Buderlega on Friday evening. Only Sebastian Ernst defeated ex-Firth Leopold Gingerley in the SCP box, who twice claimed help from aluminum. Here are the best pictures from Ronhoff!

“Nevertheless, we were repeatedly warned to stabilize defensively,” Letl said. In the end, Forth had to tremble, SCP also had another opportunity. “Here Sasha Burchart talks shortly before the end.” Overall, the sports association “showed a good team performance”, praising the coach. “We will continue to work hard to score more goals to win the game.”

Paul Jeckel’s thigh injury

It is still unclear whether Paul Jeckel, who was supposed to go off the injured field in the 55th minute, can help. “The first assumption is that it is a thigh injury,” Letl says. “I hope it’s not too difficult.” Along with Abdurrahman Barry, a central guard remains missing for a long time, while Marjim Mavraj is back only from editor problems. “It wasn’t really planned that he would play,” Letlat admits. “But he put himself in the service of the team.” After the missed victory, however, the defensive veteran was also disappointed.

Over in Forth? These contracts expire on Shamrock in summer

SpVgg Greuther Fürth has so far been able to put together his second division team as well. But with a total of nine professionals having employment contracts expiring, they can leave the club for free in the summer. These include the team’s central pillars such as Marjim Mavraj, Sebastian Ernst, Paul Seguin Julian Green, Howard Nielsen and captain Branimir Hargotta. An overview.

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