Vitamin B12 against fatigue and poor concentration

Vitamin B12 against fatigue and poor concentration

Often tired, weak and unable to concentrate? These are all signs of a possible vitamin B12 deficiency. But what can you do about it?

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  • Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to fatigue and poor concentration.
  • Fish, meat and milk are foods that contain vitamin B12.
  • If you have symptoms, consult a doctor and get yourself tested for deficiency.

fresh and vibrant Everyone should be able to start the day after a restful night. Still, concentration is lacking and you can take naps in the afternoon. Fatigue and lack of concentration may be signs on a vitamin-B12 deficiency

Only so-called feel-good vitamins can recorded on food As “Bunte” writes. Vitamin B12 reaches the intestine through mucus membrane cells and from there it travels to the liver. fish, meat and milk they are foodIn which mainly vitamin B12 is present.

Symptoms include fatigue, hair loss, cramps, anemia, eye problems, memory problems, and poor concentration. doctor to seek out. It can use the methylmalonic acid test to find out if there is a deficiency. In case of shortage, the menu plan may be changed or nutritional supplements may also come into play.

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