Film podcast “Oscar and Raspberry” on “The Wheel of Time”: “The Lord of the Rings” from Discounter

Film podcast "Oscar and Raspberry" on "The Wheel of Time": "The Lord of the Rings" from Discounter

Amazon’s next series is in the pipeline, along with a cinematic adaptation of the fantasy novel cycle “The Wheel of Time.” It’s about reincarnated dragons, wizards and dark rulers – again!

American author Robert Jordan created with the novel cycle “The Wheel of Time” – in the original “The Wheel of Time” – a great fictional universe that is one of the most comprehensive works in literary history. Although Jordan used elements common to JRR Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”, the “Wheel of Time” has been attributed with a number of independent and innovative ideas. When Jordan died in 2007, his cycle was completed to his specifications by American author Brandon Sanderson.

“Oscar and Himbiren”

Every Friday, Ronnie Rush presents the NTV podcast “Oscar and Raspberry” about streaming. This time in addition to a detailed review of “The Wheel of Time”: the musical film “Tick, tick … boom!” With Andrew Garfield, the mini-series “The Therapist Next Door” and the tragic comedy “Oh Boy” with Tom Schilling. “Oscar and Raspberry” – informative. Entertaining. Compact. in ntv app, audio now, Spotify And Apple Podcasts,

Role-playing games, computer games and a comedy series followed. So it was only a matter of time before a streaming service discovered “The Wheel of Time” for itself in the battle for subscriber subscriptions. Is Prime Video the payer under the auspices of Amazon – or rather the culprit? After watching the first episode, there’s a stale taste that doesn’t even go away when you watch Rosamund Pike as the magician Moiraine Damodred.

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fantasy from construction kit

The fact that “Das Red der Zeit” would fail in series production is nearly impossible due to the current fan base. Whether Amazon can inspire a wider audience in the wake of “Game of Thrones” and the announced prequel “House of the Dragon” is questionable. Because alternately and narratively, there isn’t much in the fantasy series yet. The effects are trivial and the protagonists don’t know how to persuade or inspire in the slightest.

The bottom line is that “The Wheel of Time” has run out of time with the 1990s TV aesthetic. The whole thing reflects the charm of a series like “Xena – Die Kriegerprinzessin” or “Highlander”. People who like something like this will get value for their money. Everyone else should wait for Amazon’s next excursion in the fantasy genre, as the “Lord of the Rings” series is set to debut in September 2022. And who wouldn’t want to take another trip to Tolkien’s Middle-earth?

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