Saarluis: After Attack on Plants

Saarluis: After Attack on Plants

The police had sought information from the people about the youth. Photo: Police

To attack On the building of a radio mast, substation and a transformer in the room saarlouis The police have one on Monday (October 11, 2021). 33 year olds Arrested. man came in custody, the officials said: Inside.

motive still unclear

that reason As for the deeds therefore still unclear. The suspect is at the correctional center in Saarbrücken.

plant fire

He is accused of setting fire to the facilities between May 29 and June 11 critical infrastructure Related with. be among them cell towershandjob Substation, Distribution Box And a transformergebaud, it was said.

Sarlouiser arrested after search

During this, the police had taken a photo of one security cameras Searched for the man and gave clues to the citizens. It was clearly successful: investigators will have suggestions from the population state security Brought on the path of Saarloiser. Rescuers arrested him from his house.

Sources used:
– Notification from Saarbrücken-Stadt Police Station, October 12, 2021

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