Decision against Trump’s “moral shame” – Migration: Biden ends zero tolerance agenda – Politics abroad

Decision against Trump's "moral shame" - Migration: Biden ends zero tolerance agenda - Politics abroad

New US President Joe Biden (78) is quickly withdrawing Donald Trump’s (74) agenda. And also on a topic that was high on the list of priorities of its Republican predecessor and its electoral base: the United States border and immigration policy.

By signing the three regimes, Biden proceeded with a change of course aimed at migration policy. He is rescinding orders issued by his predecessor on immigration and asylum issues that are contrary to the character and security of the United States, Biden said at the White House on Tuesday (local time).

With an order, Biden seeks to reunite migrant families separated by US officials at the border with Mexico during Trump’s term. The process was part of Trump’s “zero tolerance policy”, intended to discourage attempts to bring immigrants to the US without a visa.

The practice of separating children from their parents created international outrage. Biden described the process as a “moral insult to the previous government”.

Another decision is intended to review and, if necessary, reverse the rules of the previous government, with which the US border with Mexico was closed to asylum seekers.

The 46th President of the United States is returning the immigration agenda of his predecessor with the stroke of a pen: Joe Biden signed three decree on USA’s new migration policy in the Oval Office yesterday Foto: Evan Vucci / AP

In the long term, the Biden government sought to maximize migration from Central America by countering the reasons for flight and humanitarian regulations. Currently, Mexico’s border is largely closed anyway due to the epidemic.

The government said that other rules that created a barrier to legal migration are now being investigated. In the future, efforts to integrate immigrants will be centrally coordinated with the White House.

Trump had taken a difficult course in migration policy and attempted to shut down the country in various ways.

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