Five appointments in six days: Jill Biden is active as the first woman abroad

Five appointments in six days: Jill Biden is active as the first woman abroad

Her husband has already made it clear that everything should be different with him as the new American president. And America’s new first lady Jill Biden clearly has big plans – unlike her predecessor Melania Trump.

She has been the first wife for six days. And she has already attended five appointments in the meantime.

Her predecessor, Melania Trump, often let weeks pass between her public appearances. She was largely absent from Washington during the first few months of Donald Trump’s administration. Soon after the inauguration in January 2017 she returned to New York for a few months to live with her son Baron until she had completed the current school year.

He was on the calendar of the new First Lady

Termin 1: Just two days after Biden’s inauguration, early Friday, Jill Biden visited the Whitman-Walker Health Clinic, drawing attention to the significant help to cancer patients.

Termin 2: He then made an undisclosed prohibition to serve chocolate cap cookies as a thank you to the National Guard members for swearing in the US Capitol.

New US President Joe Biden and his first lady Jill Biden on the inaugural eveningPhoto: AP

She had three appointments on Monday – albeit virtual:

Termin 3: A video conference meeting with the spouse of the governors. Then he said: “We can’t do this alone.” And: “Congress must pass laws and eventually take over state and local leadership.”

Termin 4: Shortly thereafter, he spoke to the young Latino – also through Zoom. “We need you in this endeavor,” he told them. “No one can talk to your communities as well as you, and you know how important it is.” “Blacks and Latino are among those suffering the most severe economic and life-threatening consequences of the coronovirus epidemic.”

5 Deadline 5: And in a video message for the American Library Association’s Winter Virtual Conference, on Monday, the first lady promised that “empathy, flexibility, diversity, education and trust” will “build the administration.”

“We will invest in all communities. We will listen to all Americans, ”he said. “We will work to reduce the pain caused by this crisis.”

White House writer Jennifer Pickens said of Jill Biden that her first steps were “as they should be.”

Melania has been voted the most unpopular first lady ever

A CNN poll on the popularity of the first women’s belly in the United States comes as a sad result for Melania Trump. The Slovenian former model also achieved an absolute negative record. The White House has been known as the least popular woman since 1973.

With 47 percentage points on the unpopular scale, Melania Trump is well above the average rejection value of American first women at the time of her departure. This is 21 percentage points. In other words: Most of the first women were always well received by the public. Even the disputed Hillary Clinton among Americans, with a ranking of 39 percent, was not as strongly dismissed as Mrs. Trump.

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