Got a bloody nose: Enrico Henriquez Morales realizes the rigors of DEL

Got a bloody nose: Enrico Henriquez Morales realizes the rigors of DEL

Rosenheim’s Enrico Henriquez completed his first DEL game for Ingolstadt.

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The last four weeks could hardly have been more exciting for Enrico Henriquez Morales: the first Starbulls Rosenheim striker played the U20 World Cup in Canada, then celebrated his debut with Rosenheim’s collaboration club Toltost.

Rosenheim– The 19-year-old from Bad Ebling, was allowed 7:09 minutes into the away game at Augsburg, losing 3: 6 to the top German division for the first time. What went through his head before the game, how he was received at Ingolstadt and why he immediately got a bloody nose, Heinrichz Morales explains in an interview with the OVB Sports Department.

What are your plans for the game?

Enrico Henriquez Morales: Nothing really special. I made sure that I was well and above all, that I got the little things right. I have tried to do what I can.

What was going through your head before the game?

Henriquez:I was definitely a bit nervous, but I think that is normal in a situation like this.

How were you received by the Ingolstadt team?

Henriquez: He welcomed me very well in the first training session and all the people were very nice. There was no problem. Some even gave me tips before the game and helped me during the game.

You already got a nickname …

Henriquez:Yes, trainer Doug Sheiden asked me where my name came from. I told her that my father is from Chile. So now I’m ‘Chili’ (laughs).

When did you first get to know the team?

Henriquez: I only got to know the majority of the team last week, because I am still at Rosenham. But of course I already knew one or the other. Especially the players my age.

You also directly felt the rigors of the league …

Henriquez:Yes, right in the first change (laughs). In a gang duel, I got shoulders in the face and was bleeding from my nose. I immediately moved.

Other than snow, are there any differences for Rosenheim?

Henriquez: Before the game, everyone is focused and preparing. It is very similar in Ingolstadt and Strabulls. The only difference is the music in the cabin.

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Where have you heard?

Henriquez: The music in Rosenheim is rather casual. A mix of old school, 90s and 2000s. Music in Ingolstad leads technical.

How do you rate your performance?

Henriquez: I just tried to play and I think I did well enough.

How was the answer?

Henriquez: The assistant coach told me that everything was very good and especially experienced players praised me during and after the game. That helped me a lot.

You are currently in Rosenheim. What are the plans for the near future?

Henriquez: I will play for the Starballs on Friday. I will have my last exam on Thursday and I will complete my training. So after that I am flexible. We have not yet discussed how to proceed. It also depends on the state of the injury in Ingolstadt.

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