Sebastian Vettel before future decision: Aston Martin want to keep him that way

Sebastian Vettel before future decision: Aston Martin want to keep him that way

Updated on 06/28/2022 at 12:34 pm

  • Sebastian Vettel’s decision about his future is getting closer.
  • Aston Martin certainly wants to continue with the 34-year-old in the long run as well.
  • So you want to score Sporting points and provide a better car for the German at Silverstone.

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Bernie Ecclestone comes straight to the point when asked about Sebastian Vettel’s future. “I think they (Aston Martin, editor’s note) are happy to have him on the team. Everyone is happy with him,” RTL/n-tv . But the former chief promoter of Formula 1 said: “It is about whether he has decided to become a politician or a Formula One driver.”

Actually now this is the big question. Most recently, in the race for Montreal, Vettel was once again a politician. After protests against tar sands mining in Canada, there was an uproar about the “hypocritical” Vettel, and there was talk of the team muzzle as there was trouble with politics. The result of the game, twelfth place, no longer interests anyone.

Ecclestone: Vettel not so focused anymore

“I feel like he is only there to protest. He should focus on racing again, that’s what he has paid for,” said former Formula 1 driver Christian Danner on ServusTV. Ecclestone thinks Vettel is not as focused anymore. “Before, when he was winning races, he didn’t know what was going on in the world and he didn’t care,” said Britt. “Now he cares and thinks about the future of the world.” Ecclestone thinks Vettel is right: “But I don’t think he should use his position for this reason.”

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Instead, according to Ecclestone, Vettel should focus “one million percent” on Formula 1, which emphasizes that Vettel is still competitive. “It’s all about the things behind him that don’t make it easy for him to get back to who he was.”

Aston Martin hopes that Vettel, despite his growing commitment to social issues such as environmental protection, equality and diversity, continues to race to become what he is again. “We’ve always been clear about saying this: if he wants to continue, we want to keep him for a long time,” said team boss Mike Krack in Canada. It is said that Vettel wants to decide in July how for him to proceed.

good conversation and a good relationship

You talk trustingly with each other and you have a great relationship, Krack insisted. “Not that we have to set deadlines ourselves, but there’s definitely a point; if we wait too long, we’ll have problems. He knows that too.” As Vettel’s contract expires after the season, Aston Martin will have to react accordingly if Vettel resigns.

But responsible people not only react, but also act. Because with aspects of the game Vettel can be assured and kept above all else. He wants to see progress and a vision, he has explained many times. And it’s been increasing for a few weeks now.

After a disastrous start to the new season, the first update for Aston Martin in Barcelona has already improved, with Vettel finishing sixth in Baku with the best result of the season. Overall 13 points and 14th place is not the result both sides are hoping for. So the next stage is planned for the upcoming race at Silverstone on Sunday, there will be further improvements to the car

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Vettel should convince “quite an update”

Crack talks of a “considerable update”. We are sure that we have taken a good step. And the next step would be good too. The goal should be to get past the midfield so that you can start on points. You have to get to the top of this group, says Krack: “Then it’s a lot easier to fight for points.” Which in turn makes it easier for Vettel to believe that politics can wait.


  • Press conference
  • Ecclestone: Vettel should just do his job

Sebastian Vettel was attacked after a Formula One race in Spain. A bag belonging to the four-time world champion was stolen in the city of Barcelona on Monday. As a spokesman for the German Press Agency reported on Monday, Vettel himself is doing well when asked.

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