The last DM TITEL, Part II – Max Fink is back in the first game in 1981 in the final against Düsseldorf.

The last DM TITEL, Part II - Max Fink is back in the first game in 1981 in the final against Düsseldorf.

The last DM TITEL, Part II – Max Fink is back in the first game in 1981 in the final against Düsseldorf.

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In the 1980/1981 season, SC Razorsi won its tenth and last-ever German ice hockey championship. Tagblut is dedicated to this historical title with a four-part series. In Part Two, Max Fink remembers the first final game against Düsseldorf E.G.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – March 18, 1981, a Wednesday, was a perfectly ordinary winter day, when something similar happened in winter. The weather station on Zugspitz reported minus 17 degrees and about six meters of snow. Etna spread again in Sicily. But the Germans only found out about it in the evening in Tagasechu. The general weather conditions did not give much benefit to world politics. Oh, and at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 9,000 people gathered at the ice rink to see what no one had seen before: the first playoff final for a German championship between SC Raiseri and Düsseldorf E.G., which went 4 for SCR Ended at -2.

Max Fink in 1980.

© Private / Fink

Max Fink – or Wordfells as people say: Fink Max – sat in the cabin with his colleagues. He, number 22, next to Vladimir Dzurilla, his goalkeeping colleague, number one. He doesn’t remember much about that evening, but he remembers how upset they all were. “A huge strain,” he commented. And that means when Fink says, he is 26 years old and already a goalkeeper in the final game conclusive for the title against Cologne three years ago. No Let 9000 viewers sprout goose skin. In those times you were used to the crowd. Okay, maybe not in the early stages. The numbers fell to a frighteningly low level, despite the average 3000 team being young and good. After the preliminary rounds. Fink remembers that these 9,000 visitors were likely to be deceived. There were more. “I don’t even want to know how many people were there. Every inspector knew something, ”he says. He traveled in the convoy from the south of Munich in the convoy. It was not 12,000 like 1978. “They complete it.”

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Max Fink, his beard is gone today.


Risers trembled as he had the most to lose. Although many people in the country praised the new North American format, it put pressure on SC Raiseri till the final. At its worst, he went down in history as the first preliminary round champion without a title, and no one needed the award. “It can go in your pants,” Fink says. But he had doctors, Jane Stars, Jano, his academic ice hockey, and Vlado Dizurilla. Starcy was completely different from his predecessor and compatriot Joshi Golonka, who Fink calls a “pure volcano”. Under Starcy, there was no fight, but playing. He re-shaped the professionals, demanded “brain power” from them, practiced, talked to his cracks all the time and – to make style changes at all levels – focused on defending, winning games Key to

Reiseri provided the best defense of the season so far and provided the best goalkeeper to the world champion, Dzurilla, who disappointed the Canadian players in the 1976 Canadian Cup. As Fink often had to “swallow” this season because he was not allowed inside, he learned a lot from Slovak. “He passed everything in terms of knowledge. He was an outstanding character. “Of course Dzurilla was also a lunatic on ice. There is no other way to explain what he withdrew. During league games, he did not even put on a chest protector. To be more agile Then what was there. The instrument was very small, but the target was the same size. He put a “cardboard mask” on his head, not the grid. To see more. “I would have been physically broken. If you were hit by a slap, you often had to go to the hospital. “It was a completely different volume,” the 66-year-old, who is still in the real estate business, jokes.

Fight for the puck: SCR and DEG owe each other nothing, as in this duel between Reisserie Doug Gibson (right) and Udo Keeling of Düsseldorf.


This was the first final, big touch, a game of Dzurilla and his people. The 1976 Olympic hero, Ignaz Berndaner, benefited greatly from Starcy’s strategy, the German ice hockey bone-breaking duo, Peter Geller and Bute Reel, the 1976 Olympic hero Ignaz Bernadner. He has been the goalkeeper. “Others said he was too lazy to walk.” Fink was already standing in the gate.

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After the championship, he moved to EHC Munich in the second division to catch more often. Standing behind Dzurilla “It’s like being behind Manuel Neuer, you’ve got a donkey card,” he jokes today. After a year at EHC, he relapsed. Even if Fink 81 was on the bench in the final, “You want the title, you’re involved in it”. In the master’s picture, he kneels next to Bernaner – and near Dzurilla, who again held almost everything on 18 March 1981.

Playoff Final, Game 1, March 18, 1981

SC Riessersee – Dusseldorf EG 4: 2

Tore: 1: 0 (4.) Gibson, 2: 0 (8.) Reil, 3: 0 (13.) Diepold, 3: 1 (41.) Krueger, 3: 2 (46.) Kießling, 4: 2 (47.) Rindle

Spectrum: 9000

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