Indonesia: Jam throttle is the cause of plane crash from Java, according to investigators

Indonesia: Jam throttle is the cause of plane crash from Java, according to investigators

Minutes after debut in Indonesian capital Jakarta crashed down Boeing 737–500 start January at sea from the island of Java. 62 people died, some still not identified. Now investigators can get closer to the cause of the accident.

The throat of the Srivijay air machine may have been blocked shortly before take-off in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, before crashing into the sea, Nurchaho Utomo of the National Transport Agency said. As reported by AP news agency, the pilots had previously complained of problems with the throttle.

The lever apparently remained active despite the autopilot

“Both throttle controls showed discrepancies,” he said at a press conference, at which a preliminary report on the crash was presented. “We are still trying to figure out what exactly happened because the 13 components are connected to the throttle.” A final report should be available early next year.

According to the AP report, one of the levers apparently reduced power in the left engine, although the autopilot was activated. Due to the uneven performance, the aircraft eventually fell into a lost position and crashed.

According to Nurkaho, the voice recorder from the cockpit can bring more clarity. But he is still not found. The However, the flight data recorder was discovered a few days after the crash.

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