Muriel Bowser: This is the policy of the Mayor of Washington

Muriel Bowser: This is the policy of the Mayor of Washington

Washington is like a fort these days. So that when the new president, Joe Biden, is sworn in on Wednesday, everything remains calm, with the United States capital closed, thousands of soldiers on the streets. The hostess of the festivities and, if you can call it that, Muriel Bower, the owner of the fort is 48 years old and the mayor of Washington since January 2015.

It is already the second presidential oath of office for Bauser in which she participates in this office. And one might assume that the inauguration of his Democratic Party friend Joe Biden four years ago is a lot more enjoyable than Republican Donald Trump. The relationship between her and her city’s most prominent resident broke off – if it ever existed – in the summer of 2020 when Trump let federal government police units take action against “Black Lives Matter” protesters in front of the White House and Urged the Pentagon to do so. Also to use regular soldiers. Subsequently, Bowser renamed a section of 16th Street in front of the White House “Black Lives Matter Plaza”. She wanted to show Trump who has rights to the house in Washington.

Washington is not an easy city to govern. It starts with geography. The Capital District, District of Columbia (DC), is relatively small in 177 square kilometers, with only about 700,000 people living in the city. In the greater Washington area, which extends far into Virginia and Maryland, however, a good six million people live. Many people come to the capital every day, live there, but pay their taxes outside the city. The gap between the city and the surrounding area, which causes problems for many mayors, is therefore particularly large in Washington.

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Democrat was late in supporting Joe Biden in primary campaign

In addition, Washington is a patchwork of responsibilities. Various federal agencies manage a large portion of the urban area. The National Park Service is responsible for the National Mall, for example, a long, wide strip of park with monuments in the city center. Secret service rules around the White House. In addition, the US government has a say in all decisions made by the city government. Finally, the District of Columbia is not a US state. This means that Washington residents are only represented in the House of Representatives by an MP without voting rights, and not in the Senate at all. However, after Democrats took power in both houses of Congress, DC’s chances of becoming the 51st state have increased. Mural Boseer had been calling for this for a long time.

Washington, once the “assassination capital” of the United States, has developed greatly in recent years. The city and neighborhood is still very poverty with daily shots. But there are also areas that were life-threatening 15 years ago and are now moving into young families, who then send and send their children to local schools instead of going to the suburbs. Controlling this Gentrification in such a way that not only the new residents benefit from it, but also the old residents, was one of Boser’s main tasks in recent years.

Muriel Bajor himself is from Washington. She attended a Catholic girls’ school in Maryland, then studied history and political science. He began his political career in 2004, first as city councilor, then mayor. Bauser is close to the Democrats’ right wing. This was evident during the Democratic primaries in 2019, when he initially supported his former New York mayoral aide Mike Bloomberg, who was greatly hated by the left. It was only after his candidacy collapsed that Bowser, who stood behind Biden.

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