Dead by Daylight: Forge in the Fog – the game’s 26th chapter announced

Dead by Daylight: Forge in the Fog - the game's 26th chapter announced

Behavior continues to expand the Dead by Interactive Daylight universe. Now the 26th chapter of the horror title has been announced – and of course it brings with it a lot of content.

“Forged in the Fog” is the 26th chapter of the horror game dead by daylight From Behavior Interactive – and it will be available in a few weeks from November 22nd. You must be kidnapped in a distant age: medieval horror.

Of course, as it should be, a new powerful assassin is on board again: the Knights. There is also survivor Vittorio Toscano and the new map “The Destroyed Square”. A destroyed village awaits you here, which fell victim to the knight and his defenders.

Regarding the new theme, Creative Director Dave Richard says, “This theme is new territory in our universe. Bringing these two concepts to life has been exciting and I am very proud of what we have achieved. These style elements are new. But the map is clear where the ashes of the burnt buildings still shine as remnants of the knight’s fatal journey.”

The new assassin is a calculating commander and fearsome fighter. Learning to wield weapons from a young age, the knight gains the unwavering loyalty of three loyal guardians: Carnifex, the Assassin, and the Jailer. He achieved fame and notoriety for his martial actions, rising to the rank of knight and setting his sights on a dark campaign for dominance.

The Knight’s power, Guardia Compania, allows you to create a patrol path and summon an AI-controlled guard holding a standard flag. Once summoned, this Sentinel can patrol, hunt for survivors, and damage pallets and generators. When a survivor is sighted, the warden will hunt its prey for a limited amount of time or disappear after the target is wounded. Survivor can trick the warden by staying alive until the hunt timer expires, unhooking another survivor, or holding the default flag when activated.

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The new survivor is Vittorio Toscano, a scholar in search of ancient mysteries. He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, driven by a relentless quest to bring about peace, harmony and order in the world. After several campaigns, Vittorio meets Knight. While their relationship was initially mutually beneficial, things changed when the knight revealed his true intentions.

Vittorio’s presence symbolizes suffering and hard-earned wisdom. His body is covered with strange symbols that glow with a mysterious turquoise light, as if imbued with mystical energy. The secrets of their origins – and their meanings – will be revealed over time.

Dead by Daylight – Forged in the Fog Trailer

The next chapter of Dead by Daylight’s horror hit with “Fog in the Fog” is in the starting block.

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