The largest freshwater fish caught in the Mekong: Ray “Borami” breaks record

World's largest freshwater fish caught in Mekong: 300 kg ray

Updated on 06/22/2022 at 07:19

  • In the mysterious Mekong, a fisherman catches a giant beam.
  • When the researchers put it on the scale, they were amazed.
  • Their short beach vacation had a happy ending.

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A fisherman in the Mekong has Cambodia The world’s largest freshwater fish ever caught. According to the US-Cambodian research project “Wonders of the Mekong”, the animal is a giant freshwater stingray that is about four meters long and weighs about 300 kilograms.

The woman was caught on June 13 in the northeast of the country. The previous record was held by the Mekong giant catfish weighing 293 kg, which was north in 2005 of thailand went online.

Expert: “Proves These Extremely Endangered Giants Still Exist”

In this photo dated 06/14/22, researchers, along with fisheries authority officials, prepare to release “Borami” back to the Mekong.

© Chhut Chhaina / Miracles of the Mekong / AP / DPA

The latest discovery has left the team speechless at the “Wonders of the Mekong”, the head of the research project, Zeb Hogan, is quoted by “National Geographic” magazine.

Experts from the University of Nevada have been documenting large freshwater fish for nearly two decades. The catch offers new hope, he stresses: “It proves that these extremely endangered underwater giants still exist.”

Unlike the giant catfish in Thailand, the giant ray was not killed and eaten, but was released back into the wild equipped with an acoustic tracking device. “When the stingray passes through our network of 36 recipients, we can collect data on its migration and behavior for the first time,” the statement said.

Mekong: “Borami” was released on the full moon

The fish was given the name “Borami”, which means “full moon” in Khmer – not only is its body shape round, but it was also recently released into the Mekong during a full moon. In Cambodia, the term is also used for beautiful women.

“When people see these animals present and realize how incredible they are, they get inspired,” Hogan said. “The record-breaking fish was killed and its meat sold in 2005.” The new record holder, on the other hand, will be observed by scientists on his journey through the river. “It’s such a contrast. It means all is not lost.” (dpa/ank)

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teaser image: dpa / Chhut Chaina / Miracles of the Mekong / AP / dpa

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