Google Chrome version 103 is being distributed: it’s new

Google Chrome version 103 is being distributed: it's new

The most popular browser in the world is currently receiving the update to version 103 on various platforms. When it comes to security, Google has closed a total of 14 vulnerabilities, one of them rated “severe” in severity and two rated “high”. “. Chrome 103 adds support for 103 early prompt HTTP response codes, which can make browsers slightly faster. Many browsers preload page content, 103 early prompt making this process “faster” – although now in that area A lot is happening in me which is no longer perceptible.

With the new version of Google Chrome, there is an option to use a font saved on the device running in web apps. In addition, there is some field of machine learning – How Chrome recognizes that a permission prompt is likely to be denied, based on how the user has previously interacted with similar permission prompts, and turns off those unwanted prompts. As always, you can update manually from the menu or wait for the update to appear in Chrome’s UI.

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