“Arrival Celebration of 100,000 Lights” (ARD): Suddenly the smoke rises

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Florian Silberesen once again welcomed several Schlager stars to the ARD “Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights”. But it suddenly turned dangerous for the 40-year-old.

Suhl – Saturday evening (27 November) was that time again: Schlager Presenter Florian Silberesen Invited to the AnnualCelebration of the Arrival of 100,000 Lights” In ardTo get in the mood for the coming Christmas season. Of course, again came several emotional moments: Schlager legend Irene Scheer announces the end of her career, and Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis’ six-year-old daughter Sofia enthralled the audience surprise guest, as a comedian Bullant Ceylan addresses touching words to moderators (and vice versa)The audience definitely melted in front of the screen. Still, an incident occurred in the midst of the show’s emotional ups and downs, which briefly caused a stir — and even became a bit dangerous for Silberesen.

Florian Silberesen in “Arrival Festival of 100,000 Lights”: Suddenly smoke rises – Moderator panics

Florian Silberesen tests a mobile sauna on the ARD – until the smoke suddenly rises. © Screenshot / ARD

When Schlager singer Ross Antony took to the stage at the Advent Festival in his usual good mood, who could have imagined that his clown existence would be almost doomed after a short while. Ahead of his appearance, Silberesen announced that Antony had brought “the ultimate gift tips” with him again this year. “And I’m really excited to see what he discovered this year,” the moderator continued. He was allowed to stay, after all, he later had to serve as a guinea pig. After a brief joke about Christmas decorations, minimalism, and their fondness for cooking and baking, Silberesen and Antony hit on not-so-serious gift ideas.

“I look forward to it every year,” said Silberesen to Antony. Due to the traumatic experience that followed, this anticipation for future shows may not last. It all started with a mobile sauna, as Antony proudly presented. Resembling a square quilted mini tent with a hood, enabled the recipient to go into the sauna for a short time, for example, while waiting for a bus or in other situations. To explain this to the audience, Antony asked Silberesen to sit in a chair in the mobile sauna. So after the Schlager presenter settled in, Antony, who also goes as a sales artist at online shopping channel QVC, closed the sauna tent with a zipper. Only Silberesen’s head and hands were still visible.

Florian Silberesen
Ross presents a mobile sauna to Antony Florian Silberesen. © Screenshot / ARD

Florian Silberesen in “Arrival Ceremony of 100,000 Lights”: Schlager colleague Ross Antony comes to the rescue

“It’s comfortable,” said Silberesen at first and was positively surprised. The first suspicion seems to have vanished. Then of course he wanted to get more information from Antony about how the device worked. But suddenly something happened which the audience could not see before. Silberesen’s reputation alone indicated that all was not going well at the time. “It’s smoking in there”, Silberesen cried in a sudden panic while closing in on the mobile sauna, “Ross, there’s smoke!” Apparently the sauna had already started. “It’s getting hot out there,” Silberesen continued. “Open again!” He asked his guest in bewilderment. He reacted immediately, opened the zip and bat-Friend. Then the spectators could see too: in fact, Silberissen was sitting in the middle of a cloud of smoke. “Oh my God, what have I done”, shouted Antony, startled, “Florian, come quickly!”

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Then Silberesen immediately saved himself from the sauna. In addition to losing his microphone, who abruptly jumped off a chair and detached himself from his suit, luckily he was spared further injuries. The 40-year-old finally took to the incident with humor and his final conclusion was with a laugh: “It’s a great gift — and it works.” ,JBR,

The “Kelly Family” also appeared on Silberesen’s show. However, the network ridiculed his presence.,

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