Customers Like Lufthansa Are Waiting: Can’t Boeing Deliver 787s By April?

Customers Like Lufthansa Are Waiting: Can't Boeing Deliver 787s By April?

Lufthansa and other airlines expect to receive the Boeing 787 in early 2022. However, the chances of the manufacturer meeting this expectation fall short.

«In my opinion, the first Dreamliners will come in the first quarter», Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr said in early November, You need a long-range plane for the summer. But he remained cautious. “We all know that Boeing has major problems with deliveries that affect our aircraft as well,” Spohr said. “No one knows exactly.”

In fact, it now looks like Boeing may not be fast enough to redeploy the 787 in the first quarter of 2022. Anonymous customers have accessed the portal. told Leahm NewsSo that the delivery of long-distance aircraft cannot be resumed till April. They say it will be a shift of one or two months as compared to the previous informal schedule.

Hardly any deliveries in 2021

The aircraft maker has not officially announced a date that it is aiming to resume deliveries. “As previously announced, we are completing comprehensive inspections and related resales within the entire 787 production and supply chain, in detailed, transparent discussions with the FAA, suppliers and our customers,” Boeing told Leahm.

The manufacturer had stopped deliveries in October 2020 due to production issues. Boeing resumes deliveries in spring, but stopped again after a while due to new difficulties.

new problem again

It was only last week that, among other things, new issues became known. Contaminants in composite materials for the fuselage, wings and stern as well as the gaps around the rear doors, The US Aviation Authority FAA keeps a closer eye on Boeing than ever before and also has higher requirements for documentation.

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