Sales decrease due to US punitive charges: no compensation for Moselle winners – economy

Sales decrease due to US punitive charges: no compensation for Moselle winners - economy

The 25 percent punitive fee levied on German wines in October 2019 is causing problems for German winemakers. In addition to the disruption of the gastronomy sales channel in the epidemic, winemakers, especially on the Moselle, have suffered export losses in the United States. Nevertheless, the federal government gives little thought to the question of whether the winners’ lost income should be repaid through US punitive fees. For “fundamental ideas”, the government sees the payment of potential compensation “very severely”, as did Ulrich Nussboom, Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, from the Bundestag’s FDP member and chairman of the Liberals in the Committee for Economic Affairs and Energy Responded to the request. Sandra Vesar. Instead, the German government and the European Commission responsible for the negotiations wanted to continue negotiations with the new US administration “with high priority”. They are trying to find an amicable solution in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtension between subsidies for Airbus and Boeing – the former being the reason why the United States imposed punitive tariffs on several liquor nations in the European Union. The federal government is pursuing the goal of ending the responding duties on both sides, explained Nussboom.

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