Art in a public place: Augsburg Litpold Monument: brought home from Scraphouse

Art in a public place: Augsburg Litpold Monument: brought home from Scraphouse

The Bavarian Prince Regent will be 200 years old. A fountain in Augsburg reminds him. However, the bronze statue disappeared almost forever.

Some museums are still closed, but there are still some in the city Augsburg Plenty of art works to see – in the open air. In a series, we present works of art in public places that can be detected on a walk.

There is practically no more suitable day than today for a closer look at Prinzregentenbrunnen at the Prinzregentenplatz between the main train station and the theater. – Why?

200 years ago, in Wurzburg Lieutpold Karl Joseph Wilhelm von Byrne was born – Prince Regent Litpold, whose fountain memorial was planned in 1901 for his 80th birthday. But there were construction delays (as well as increased construction costs). It was not until 1903 that the fountain was formally handed over to its destination.

The Bavarian Prince Regent is best equipped according to the art-historical model

At the top, in the middle of a thirteen-meter-wide shale limestone basin, the former Bavarian Prince Regent stands as the man who, according to the best art-historical model, is equipped with a standing and free foot. He is in a Renaissance couple, disguised as it was, and threw a long cloak over his shoulders under short ruff. Anachronistic for this is a contemporary order embossed on their chest, which is probably a version of the Military Max Joseph Order. With his difficult military career leading up to General Field Marshal, Lippold had a significant number of badges to choose from.

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His main work was the Munich sculptor Franz Bernauer (1861–1916), a professor in the School of Sculpture Munich Is taught. A “Germanic fountain” came from his hand at the Old Botanical Gardens in Munich as well as two Prince Regent busts for Augsburg City Hall: Lutpold, but also the later Ludwig III.

The Prince Regent rises slightly above his predecessors, who – engraved in stone – adorn the elaborate pedestal: Litpold’s feet in front of his father Ludwig I, brothers Maximilian II and Max Joseph I on the sides and back, parking to the present day Venue, Ludwig II.

It is a coincidence that the Litpold monument still exists

He thus took his place, as was “on the cat’s table”, perhaps because Luppold officially replaced him only in the last three days of his life – and later Ludwig II’s brother Otto von Byrne, Who were mentally damaged. And is disabled.

Luitpold Monument.

Picture: Ulrich Wagner

The once popular litpold remains unclear: on one hand the promotion of weapons technology – which, incidentally, also benefits Augsburg as an industrial space – and science and fine arts in Munich on the other.

The fact that his monuments are still present at the fountain is also due to chance. Bronze was taken down and disappeared during World War II. Where did it happen It surfaced years later: it was rediscovered in a scrap in Hamburg and then re-erected in 1950 in its old location.

Will some flowers be laid on the fountain today? Probably not. Although still a supporter of the monarchy.

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