Astronauts detected leaks on ISS

Astronauts detected leaks on ISS

The crew of the International Space Station ISS noticed a leak hundreds of kilometers above Earth. Now he looked for more leaks – and found some.

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When more leaks are being searched on the International Space Station ISS The crew carefully made it clear to everyone. Initially, astronauts feared at least three new leaks. They have now been investigated. The result: “Cosmonaut Sergei Raisikko of the Russian agency Interfax said,” There is a scratch in one place and there is a dent in the other. “

Investigation result still pending

The result of the ordeal to reach the place under a pipe is still pending. As can be seen from radio messages from the crew to the flight control center, recordings from a specialized microscope are now to be evaluated. The microscope was only in the last week with a space freezer from the Baconur spacecraft Kazakhstan Brought to the ISS.

In the autumn, the crew held the opening 4.5 cm long and temporarily sealed it. It is expected to be sealed again next Monday. Astronauts have to be trained for this over the weekend.

There are currently seven astronauts at the outpost of humanity, about 400 kilometers above Earth – in addition to two Russians, four Americans and one Japanese.

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