Huge remains from Siberia: Researchers found traces of DNA that are millions of years old

Huge remains from Siberia: Researchers found traces of DNA that are millions of years old

From the giant teeth of the Siberian permafrost, researchers have extracted the oldest traces of DNA available to science in history. “This DNA is incredibly old,” said Love Delon of the Center for Paleogenetics in Stockholm. “The specimens are a thousand times older than the remains of the Vikings and go back in time before humans and Neanderthals.” The results of the study were published in the latest issue of the journal “Nature” on Wednesday.

In all, there are three huge breasts, one of which is about 800,000 years old and the other is more than two million years old. This means they go after the oldest DNA ever, which comes from a horse and is 560,000 to 780,000 years old.

The mammals now examined are, on the one hand, two steppe mammoths, which lived a million years ago. The third mammoth is one of the earliest woolly-haired mammoths found so far.

Researchers used small samples of genetic material DNA derived from animal teeth. Dalén compared it to “a pinch of salt on your plate”. Researchers succeeded in sequencing millions of base pairs from these small samples.

  • The oldest giant is called Krastovka and may also be 1.65 million years old.

  • The second mammoth is 1.34 million years ago,

  • Chuchoya, the youngest in 870,000 years. However, Delenn restricted that Crustovka’s DNA dating lacked clarity.

By comparing the genome with an African elephant, a modern relative of the mammal, researchers were able to recreate parts of the giant genome. The Krestovka genome indicates that it is a previously unknown genetic line. It could separate from other mammals two million years ago and give birth to mammals that lived in North America.

In Siberia, ice age conditions and warm, humid periods following suit. Due to climate change, permafrost is melting and is currently releasing more massive remains, DeLeon explained. He was optimistic that, in the future, even traces of old DNA could be obtained from permafrost, which is about 2.6 million years old.

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