The European Union bans Eritrea

The European Union bans Eritrea

There is a ban against the European Union Eritrea Imposed for human rights violations. The sanctions are aimed at the Office for National Security, which oversees the office of the president, as it was called on Monday. The office is responsible for “serious human rights violations committed by its employees in Eritrea, particularly arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial killings, disappearances and torture.”

Country’s foreign ministry on the horn Africa Sanctions are called a “malleable act”. The European Union has no legal or moral prerogative for this decision.

With nearly three million inhabitants, Eritrea has been under the rule of autocratic President Isis Afevarki for years. Tough national labor and military service has already displaced thousands, many of them after Germany. The state is largely isolated from the international community. Eritrean soldiers are currently fighting in a conflict in the neighboring country of Tigray EthiopiaWhat the government denied in Addis Ababa.

Punitive measures were taken along with sanctions created last year to punish serious human rights violations. With the new sanctions, the European Union expanded its options in late 2020 to punish those responsible for grave injustice abroad. At the same time, sanctions for human rights violations were introduced in China on Monday, North Korea, Libya, Russia And this South Sudan Imposed.

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