Opera: a new modern designed web browser in iOS version 3.0

Opera: a new modern designed web browser in iOS version 3.0

Opera’s mobile web browser, Opera Touch, has been available in the German App Store for many years. In 2018, the application was released around the same time as the release of the iPhone XS and XS Max. A lot has happened since then, and application developers never get tired of adding new features and improvements to their app.

From now on OperaApp store-link) Is now available in the German App Store with a major version of v3.0. The download is still free and can be loaded on devices related to iOS 12.0 or iPadOS 12.0 and 71 MB of free storage space. German localization has also been available for some time to web browsers.

Now in one as developers blog entry The report, Opera Touch, the previous name of the iOS mobile app, has now been renamed the Opera browser. But this is not the only new feature in the app.

“The most noticeable changes will be in the updated UI aspects of the browser, such as new colors being introduced. If you are using Opera on your iOS device, you will also notice that the purple logo on the home screen changes to red. Other visual changes will be in the background animation of the main UI as we introduce a cleaner and smoother design for a more refined look and feel. However, rest assured that any changes will not affect your favorite features and functionality. For example, the browser places its iconic and popular motion dial bubbles on the main screen. These shortcuts, inspired by our concept browser Opera Neon, show your most visited web pages so that you can always have them easily accessible. “

Opera uses a practical QR code system to easily connect the Opera iOS browser to the desktop version. Synchronization, known as “flow”, allows you to open the flow button in the sidebar on your desktop computer and then scans this code with your smartphone or tablet in the Open Opera app. Flow then links the computer to the mobile device to basically share the notes, pictures, file, and other information. Another unique feature of Opera is an integrated Ethereum wallet, and of course the browser with iOS 14 can also be defined as a standard browser app.

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Opera touch web-browser
Opera touch web-browser

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