Google Maps: Navi App Expands E-scooter Range

Google Maps: Navi App Expands E-scooter Range
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With immediate effect, Google Maps provides another e-scooter provider for travelers to choose from in their route planning.

Upon request, Google Maps will show you the e-scooters for rent. (source: Netzvelt)

  • Google Maps is adding another e-scooter provider to its route planning.
  • Apart from Lime, you will also get information about animal scooters available in the future.
  • You get charge status, cost and availability information directly in the app.

Google Map One takes into account the different modes of transport while planning the trip. has been for some time E-scooter Provider Lime riding. For the last few meters of travel, you can see the currently free e-scooters in the app. Another provider is now being added.

The new cooperation partner is the Berlin-based company “Tier”. As announced by the provider, green and blue scooters will complement your travel plans in eleven major European cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Vienna, Zurich, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki).

E-mobility without travel plan

If you are in one of the cities described, you can call the information only through Google Maps. Choose any route there and use a bicycle as a means of transportation. The free e-scooters are then displayed on the map.

If you press the scooter, you will receive information about the battery level, duration of the trip and estimated cost. At the push of a button you have access to the normal Animals app and you can book your trip as usual.

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