SDC22: Aqara demonstrates enhanced device interoperability with SmartThings, underscoring its commitment to a seamless smart home experience.

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Aqara, a leading provider of smart home products, partnered with Samsung Electronics during the Samsung Developer Conference 2022 (“SDC22”) in San Francisco, showcasing the two companies’ commitment to a seamless smart home user experience. Since the start of the strategic partnership earlier this year, Aqara and Samsung have been working together to integrate Aqara’s Matter and Zigbee devices with Samsung SmartThings, the leading technology for the future of connected homes and IoT .

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Aqara at SDC22 (Photo: Business Wire)

Aqara is one of the early participants in the SmartThings Matter Early Access program. The two companies share a common goal of fostering seamless interoperability between different IoT devices, brands and platforms, and jointly testing Aqara’s Matter-enabled devices with SmartThings to ensure a seamless transition to the new standard. Is doing.

Aqara introduced its Zigbee-based devices with SmartThings support in the SDC22. Aqara joined Samsung’s Work with SmartThings program earlier this year, working with Samsung to integrate select Aqara Zigbee devices into the SmartThings ecosystem. As a result, over the next few months, more than 20 Aqara devices will receive SmartThings certification and be connected to the SmartThings ecosystem, which includes products such as smart sensors, smart switches and controllers such as Smart Shutter Control and Curtain Control*. In the future, more Aqara Zigbee devices will be added to the SmartThings ecosystem.

Aqara’s Zigbee devices will be made mater-compatible through an OTA (over-the-air) update to the Aqara Hub. This software update, which is expected to be available in the next few months, will allow Aqara users to continue using their existing Zigbee devices while enjoying the benefits that Matter offers. Aqara also plans to launch a new thread-based product line with native miter support. All Aqara Matter compatible devices will be able to connect to SmartThings.

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The growing synergy between the ecosystems of Aqara and SmartThings ensures even greater usability and interactivity in the smart homes of the future. Samsung and Aqara aim to expand the partnership into additional vertical segments, ultimately bringing the connected home experience to more homes around the world.

* Aqara devices targeted for SmartThings support include Door and Window Sensor T1, Motion Sensor T1, Motion Sensor T1, Temperature and Humidity Sensor T1, Light Sensor T1, High Precision Motion Sensor High Precision Motion Sensor, Wireless Mini Switch T1 Wireless Mini Switch Huh. Wireless Remote Switch T1 Wireless Remote Switch (Single and Double Rocker), Cube T1 Pro, Wireless Smart Knob H1 Wireless Intelligent Rotary Knob, Smart Wall Intelligent Wall Switch Switch (US Style, No Neutral, Single and Double Rocker), Smart Wall Switch H1 Pro Smart Wall Switch (with Neutral, Single, Double and Triple Rocker), Smart Plug (EU) Smart Plug, Roll Shade Controller, Curtain Controller (ZigBee 1.2), LED Strip Controller LED Strip Driver T1 and Dim Mer Control Dimmer Controller T1 Pro.

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Source: Business Wire

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