Donald Trump and his plan of revenge: Critics should fear for Senate seat

Donald Trump and his plan of revenge: Critics should fear for Senate seat

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is considered the harshest Trump critic in the ranks of Senate Republicans. Donald Trump is already planning the end of his office.

PALM BEACH – Donald Trump continues his plan of revenge. The focus of his agenda, which is to lead to a reorganization of Republicans in the Trump party, is primarily on internal party critics. Lisa Murkowski repeatedly and openly put herself like this. The US senator from Alaska has not spared the former president with scathing criticism over the years.

After storming the US Capitol, Murkowski addressed Donald Trump in candid words and indicated, among other things, that he might envision leaving the party if Trump should make another attempt at the White House. It is precisely, at Trump’s direction, a combination of blame and open criticism for the deadly January 6 riots, that Donald Trump deeply detests.

To maintain his claim for leadership within the Republican Party and its base, he relies heavily on maintaining his narrative of the real election winner, whose re-election was stolen. And when it comes to denying all responsibility for the “darkest days of modern American democracy” (Nancy Pelosi) she needs her party’s backing.

Lisa Murkowski blames Donald Trump for storming the Capitol

There is a senator from within his own rank who explicitly states Trump’s guilt and who voted with a majority of the US Senate for the subsequent impeachment of the passionate golfer, certainly a monumental thorn in the favor of a man who One who likes to surround himself with people who pay homage to him.

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Months ago, Donald Trump sat down with his most loyalists and discussed how his party-internal competition for Senators Mitt Romney (Utah) and Lisa Murkowski could prevent re-election. Since then, the elected president has rarely failed to publicly attack his unpopular party colleagues and throw them into the wrath of his followers.

Now Donald Trump wants to work. Specifically, the aim is to prevent Murkowski’s re-election in Alaska by sending an opposing candidate to the race and sponsoring it in the Republican primary. The goal is clear: without the party’s backing, Murkowski has little chance of re-entering the US Senate.

Donald Trump wants to get rid of Lisa Murkosi and send Kelly Shibaka to the race

It’s Trump-loyal rival Kelly Tshibaka, according to her Twitter profile “wife and proud mother of five children.” Unlike Lisa Murkowski, whom Donald Trump wrote about in his blog “Form the Desk of Donald J. Trump”, which has since been re-pulled, that it was “bad for Alaska”, Tshibaka completely The property of being freed from is a sign of criticism of Trump being behind. An approach that is currently the most important qualification for a promising Republican candidacy.

Name Lisa Ann Murkowski
Post US Senator (since 2002)
political party Republican
Alter 64 years (May 22, 1957)
birth place Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

Donald Trump himself leaves no doubt about this: “Murkowski has to go! Kelly Shibaka is the candidate who can beat Murkowski – and she will. Kelly is a fighter who stands up for the values ​​of Alaska and America First, The leader of the (more or less) secret party told his base. He’s eager to promote Ms. Tshibaka in Alaska. The Washington Post oracle only stands in the way of Trump’s support for “his” local candidate in Alaska. can be.

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Trump candidate Tshibaka wants to “recapture” Senate seat from Senator Lisa Murkowski

Tshibaka recently shared his joy over his support for Trump on Twitter. She was “rather honored and grateful” to have received the former president’s approval. It would mean the difference between victory and defeat. As for his opponent, the Trump candidate has a toxic message: “His strong support is good news for our campaign and even better news for the people of Alaska. Because it means we lose our Senate seat from Lisa Murkowski. Will capture again.”

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recapture. from a Republican. Tshibaka’s words imply that the senator, who has represented his party in the Senate for nearly 20 years, is a polluter of sorts. A politician who has to grab a seat. These are words that have always been used in election campaigns. However, so far only toward democratic incumbents.

For or against Donald Trump: The political dividing line runs straight through the Republican Party

But these old certainties, the dividing line between Republicans here and Democrats there, no longer apply in politics shaped by Donald Trump. The dividing line now runs through the Republican Party. It read: You’re either in for Trump – or you’re out. (Mirko Schmid)

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