Google SoC (“Whitchapel”): Pixel 6 should use its own chip (“GS101”) in 5 minutes

With the upcoming Pixel 6, the successor (test) of Pixel 5, Google and Whitchapel will rely on an in-house system-on-a-chip for the first time, a contract manufactured in 5nm by Samsung Foundry. . In response to Apple Silicon, the new chip will be assigned the new “Google Silicon” label.

Whitchapel as the first SoC from Google Silicon

Like a website that specializes in Google and its hardware 9to5Google From internal documentation, the Pixel 6, expected for autumn this year, will use the Google chipset built in 5nm for the first time and develop jointly with Samsung.

The new SoC is to be run internally under the designation GS101, with “GS” standing for “Google Silicon”, the website continues. System-on-a-chip is Google’s alternative to Apple’s first M1 processor.

ARM Cortex-A79 with better TPU

In addition to Google’s in-house smartphones of the Pixel series, the Whitechapel SoC is also expected to be used in Chromebooks from other manufacturers. In internal documentation, to which 9to5Google refers, two smartphones with the code names “Raven” and “Oriole” were listed, which are due to appear in the autumn.

The Whitchapel design will therefore rely on eight ARM cores from the Cortex-A79 series (“Matterhorn”) as well as an improved AI unit (“Edge TPU”) for Google Assistant.

5 nm output in an unknown node

There is still a big question mark behind the planned production of SoC at 5 nm with extreme ultraviolet exposure and the underlying nodes of contract manufacturer Samsung Foundry. Currently 5LPE (“Low Power Early”) and 5LPP (“Low Power Plus”) are two manufacturing processes that will come under question.

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The website was already in April 2020 The spindle Details aired about whatchapel SoC for the first Pixel smartphone and Chromebook.

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