Donald Trump fails with lawsuit – and is about to pay for legal costs in Wisconsin

Donald Trump fails with lawsuit - and is about to pay for legal costs in Wisconsin
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The state of Wisconsin, where Donald Trump was defeated by his challenger Joe Biden in the 2020 US election, is seeking $ 144,000 from the former president.

MADISON – The lawsuits brought by Donald Trump and his legal team after the US election have largely failed and prevented the victory of Democrats and now President Joe Biden. In most swing states, the Republicans were defeated, in some cases by a few thousand votes – and accordingly came empty handed.

The then US president accused election officials in Wisconsin of not following the rules and counting in favor of Joe Biden. Thousands of ballot papers in a court case should be declared illegal and still help Trump win. However, he was unable to provide any concrete evidence. Months after the failure of the lawsuit, the state north of the United States seeks to reimburse Donald Trump’s costs.

US post-election lawsuit: Wisconsin wants to be reimbursed for costs from Donald Trump

In court documents, Governor Tony Evers’ legal representative said, “The lawsuit has imposed significant costs on Wisconsin taxpayers.” “These costs were minimal because Trump’s lawsuit was not well founded, legal action was denied through negotiations in state court and the costs were driven by Trump and his attorneys.”

Donald Trump now hopes to repay $ 144,000 to cover legal costs. Wisconsin Republican chairman William Feehan is being asked for an additional $ 106,000. The documents stated that the lawsuit was based on “relentless conspiracy” theories: “Although Trump’s claims lacked legal or factual basis, much was at stake. Governor Tony Evers had the right to defend the allegations and Trump’s arbitrary actions There was no option but to deal with it.

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US Election 2020: Donald Trump fails with lawsuits

In March, the US Supreme Court denied a motion to continue the Wisconsin case. Even after Joe Biden was sworn in as US President on 20 January, Donald Trump continued to claim that the US election was “stolen” by him. At the CPAC conference, the former president said, “The Supreme Court does not have the courage to take the right decision”. “The election was rigged.” (Lucas Rogala)

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