At Dortmund, Frank Rosin almost “can’t stand his job anymore”

At Dortmund, Frank Rosin almost "can't stand his job anymore"

Updated on 06/23/2022 at 10:36 pm

  • Ready sauce, ready dressing, ready fried potatoes – and done with your nerves!
  • A culinary but also human drama took place at “Rossin’s Restaurant”.
  • Frank Rosin “felt like crying” in this Cabela’s episode.

Worse is always: “Culinary most obvious number I’ve ever experienced!”, Attested frank rosin Restaurant operator Doro. The trained horse manager pushes TV chefs to their limits not only in terms of taste. For a long time it was doubtful whether the nerves of Mr. Rosin and/or Doros Dortmunder “Gaststatt” (which is the name of the Tennis Club restaurant) would survive this episode of “Rossin’s Restaurants”.

The initial situation was disastrous: the “tavern” turned out to be so low that even Doro, 46, had to go to the cleaning room at night. Of course, this reduced her strength: “Sometimes I cry because I’m so powerless!” The greeting was all the more impressive when the TV guy showed up at the modest sports bar. But then it got to business: Doro had to feed 25 test eaters, he only had an hour to prepare.

Fellow Darius and son Benjamin (a hotel management trainee) were quickly organized to help, but Douro was not very good at teamwork. The restaurant owner preferred to do everything alone – but more badly than right: “Why don’t you let yourself help?” Frank Rosin asked. “They don’t know anything about cooking!” Doro replied. “not you too!” Star Chef had a disastrous decision. However, after an encounter with Douro’s meatballs, he expressed himself even more acutely: “When I bite a pig’s ass – what does it taste like!”

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Frank Rosin: “Why can’t I do this job with respect?”

The star chef in the current episode of “Rossin’s Restaurants” has little to laugh about.

© Kebbell Ains / Willie Weber

The test meal preparation chief wore on Dorstainer’s nerves clearly and audibly: “There’s still a huge tendon on it, that’s not chewable!”, while Doro was working on a piece of meat, So he said. and further: “Why can’t I do this job with respect? It’s like ‘Oh, anyone can do that!’ – It’s getting on my nerves! I can’t take it anymore!”

The starter eventually fell flat, and the test eaters also had to bring a lot of slack to the main course: “The worst thing that can happen is the announcement that the main course is missing too!”, he joked. After a good hour, the first plate came out of Douro’s kitchen, which was now completely in disrepair. and response? minor. A lot of finished products – the guests immediately noticed. a disaster!

One of the most difficult cases in “Rosin’s Restaurant”

“She’s tired, I’m so sorry too!” Rosin explained after Doro came into the fresh air. “I make you believe right away that you are a great woman and only want the best!”, she hugged him. “But he won’t take us any further! And don’t cry!” He may have loved to do it himself: “This is the most awesome culinary number I’ve ever experienced!”

The test eaters had two and a half stars, but Rosin said: “I won’t give you that half!” she explained. “It wasn’t even two stars for me! What I saw yesterday is disappointing to me! The fact is: it can’t go on like this!” Douro found excuses, but Rosin remained ruthless: “You kick your ass every day! Take care of it! No, you go in the evening to clean up!”

Again the restaurant owner ran away crying. “I know I’m provoking it now, but we have to flare it up now!” Rosin Douro’s son and his partner make the announcement. “I’m here as a mentor. I’m sorry she’s crying, but she has to realize!” Benjamin could only agree with her: “These are harsh words, but it’s true – and he has to understand it at some point!”

Doro encounters a “long way”.

Rosin's Restaurant, Frank Rosin, Cabal Ains, Star Chef, Dortmund, Restaurant
Douro “has no idea about cooking”, says Frank Rosin.

© Kebbell Ains / Willie Weber

so what to do? Decorator Flo gets the best out of Doro’s mini-kitchen, while the Russo cook takes over: Practice the recipes! And then it was necessary to work on internal family communication: “It can not happen that your son says something and you do not notice it, because what he says is also true!” said Rosin, mother and son at a table. “I was brought up that way. My mom didn’t have that much contact with me. My dad killed himself!” Doro revealed. “It’s hard for me to talk about feelings. I’m sorry for the kids!” But he promised that he would listen to the hotel apprentice more in the future.

On the final day, Doro finally accepted the help of his men, but everything seemed to be going wrong. When Douro even dipped the meatballs into the schnitzel fat, the star chef was horrified again: “I can’t do that! I can’t do that… What are you doing there?” He shouted and the cook cried. In the end he was forced to intervene.

“You’re a chaos queen, you create chaos because you don’t stick to the plan! If I hadn’t helped today, it would have hit the wall!” He broke up, explained the 46-year-old. Meanwhile, the examinees ate with satisfaction. after all! Rosin concludes: “It’s been a long journey and it begins now!”

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