At least 163 LGBTI athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo 2020

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The Tokyo Olympics began today – and at least 163 openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, gay and non-binary athletes will participate in the next few weeks, according to research from the portal. outsports Turns out – a new record and a clear sign. Along with New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, a trans woman is competing in the Olympics for the first time.

Athletes more than twice the queue: in Rio as inside

This means that the number of non-heterosexual participants has more than doubled since the last Olympic Games in Rio in 2016: in Brazil, the number of queer athletes was only 56, in London only 23 openly queer four years earlier. There were athletes in: Inside . There is at least one :n queer spotler in 30 sports this year: “Team LGBTIQ” also includes participants from 27 countries.

More than 30 of them come from the United States, followed by Canada, Great Britain and the Netherlands with 16 athletes: inside, Brazil with 14, Australia with 12 and New Zealand with 10. Also interesting: There are eight women out for every man. Most LGBTI participants are in women’s football, with more than 40 athletes, including U.S. captain Megan Rapinoe.

With British high diver Tom Daly, a gay father is likely to compete at the Olympic Games for the first time. Germany is represented on this list along with Jasmine Grabowski (Judo) and Joline Beer (Shooting). None: E queer athlete: From Austria or Switzerland. All these figures are provisional, as experience shows that even more information will be known about individual participants during the Games.

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a sign of how acceptable sexual minorities are today

The fact that so many out athletes attend the Olympic Games in Tokyo shows how much acceptance of sexual minorities has increased in the sport. Social media especially Instagram has also given them a platform where they can be open or come out.

“It’s great to participate in the Olympic Games as an openly gay athlete,” said Canadian swimmer Marcus Thormeier. outsports. He hadn’t spoken openly about his homosexuality until he took part in Rio in 2016β€”he had only come out publicly last year.

“I grew up in a small French-speaking town in Quebec and didn’t know a single LGBTIQ person or athlete: until I was older,” says Canadian rugby player Alyssa Alari. To give and encourage individual communities a sense of belonging to be inclusive and welcoming.”

All LGBTI Athletes at a Glance

Julie German (Belgium)
Sue Bird (USA)
Marjorie Carproux (Belgium)
Chelsea Gray (USA)
Brittany Griner (USA)
Sabrina Lozada-Cabbage (Puerto Rico)
Kim Mestdagh (Belgium)
Leilani Mitchell (Australian)
Shaina Pellington (Canada)
Dashley Salamon (Puerto Rico)
Brenna Stewart (USA)
Diana Taurasi (USA)
Ann Wouters (Belgium)

Paris Benegas (USA)
Hannah Roberts (USA)
Chelsea Wolfe (USA, reserve)

Rashida Ellis (USA)
Kelly Harrington (Ireland)
Michaela Walsh (Ireland)

Yeni Acuna Berrios (Chile)
Andressa Alves (Brazil, Reserve)
Barbara Barbosa (Brazil)
Kadisha Buchanan (Canada)
Marta da Silva (Brazil)
Rachel Daly (Great Britain)
Tender Davidson (USA)
Anouk Decker (Netherlands, Reserve)
Christian Endler (Chile)
Abby Erseg (New Zealand)
Magda Ericsson (Sweden)
Siska Folkersma (Netherlands)
Formiga (Brazil)
Adriana French (USA)
Emily Gilnick (Australia)
Lena Hertig (Sweden)
Leticia Izidoro (Brazilian)
Sam Kerr (Australia)
Fran Kirby (Great Britain)
Stephanie Labe (Canada)
Hedwig Lindahl (Sweden)
Chloe Logarzo (Australian)
Erin McLeod (Canada, reserve)
Teigan Micah (Australian)
Vivian Miedema (Netherlands)
Kelly O’Hara (USA)
Fernanda Pinilla (Chile)
Quinn (Canada)
Megan Rapinoe (USA)
Aline Reis (Brazil)
Jill Scott (Great Britain)
Caroline Seger (Sweden)
Kailen Sheridan (Canada)
Sherida Spitsey (Netherlands)
Demi Stokes (Great Britain)
Carly Telford (Grobitanian)
Danielle van de Donk (Netherlands)
Shenis van de Sanden (Netherlands)
Stephanie van der Gragt (Netherlands)
Merrell van Dongen (Netherlands)
Hannah Wilkinson (New Zealand)
Tameka Yalop (Australian)

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Laurel Hubbard (New Zealand)

Mel Reid (Great Britain)
Alina Sharp (Canada)

Babi Ehrenhart (Brazil)
Nathalie Hagman (Sweden)
Alexandra Lacrabre (France)

Sarah Jones (Great Britain)
Grace O’Hanlon (New Zealand)
Susanna Townsend (Great Britain)
Anne Weinendaal (Netherlands)
Leah Wilkinson (Great Britain)

Avi Leibfarth (USA)
Florence Mhow (Canada)

Michelle-Lee Ahe (Trinidad, Sprint)
Ramsey Angela (Netherlands, relay race)
Tom Bosworth (UK, walking)
Erica Bougaard (USA, Siebenkampf)
Dutee Chand (Indian, Sprint)
Aoife Cook (Ireland, Marathon)
Isabella da Silva (Brazil, Discus)
Gabriella DeBuse-Staffford (Canada, 1500m)
Yulimar Rojas (Venezuela, triple jump)
Raven Saunders (USA, shotput)
Seni Salminen (Finland, triple jump)

Georgia Simerling (Canada)

Catherine Dufour (Denmark)
Edward Gall (Netherlands)
Carl Hester (Great Britain)
Domian Michaels (Belgium)
Hans Peter Minderhoud (Netherlands)
Nick Wagman (USA, reserve)

Saskia Budget (Great Britain, Reserve)
Kendall Chase (USA)
Gia Doonan (USA)
Maarten Herkmann (Netherlands)
Meghan O’Leary (USA)
Jessica Thoens (USA)
Ellen Tomek (USA)
Emma Twig (New Zealand)
Julian Venonsky (USA)

Alyssa Allari (Canada)
Brit Ben (Canada)
Kelly Brazier (New Zealand)
Gail Broughton (New Zealand)
Isadora Cerulo (Brazilian)
Megan Jones (Great Britain)
Aleve Kelter (USA)
Ghislaine Laundry (Canada)
Callie Lucan (Canada)
Celia Quansah (Great Britain)
Kristen Thomas (USA)
Ruby Tui (New Zealand)
Sharney Williams (Australian)
Portia Woodman (New Zealand)

Alice Bellandi (Italy)
Amandine Bouchard (France)
Jasmine Grabowski (Germany)
Natalie Powell (Great Britain)
Tessie Sevelkouls (Netherlands)
San van Dijke (Netherlands)

Jolin Beer (Germany)
Andrey Eleftherio (Zippern)
Alexandra Jermolinska (Poland)

Jolanta Ogar (Poland)
Cecilia Carranza Saroli (Argentina)

Margelyn Diddle (Philippines)
Poppy Starr Olsen (Australian)
Alexis Sablon (USA)
Alana Smith (USA)

Ally Carda (USA)
Amanda Chidester (USA)
Taylor Edwards (USA, reserve)
Larissa Franklin (Canada)
Joy Lai (Canada)
Haley McClaney (USA)
Kaia Parnaby (Australian)
Anissa Urtez (Mexico)

Silvana Lima (Brazil)
Sofia Mulanovich (Peru)

Demi Schurs (Netherlands)
Sam Stosur (Australia)
Alison van Uytvanck (Belgium)

Dominic Clark (Australia)

Ana Carolina (Brazil)
Paola Agoneu (Italy)
Douglas Souza (Brazil)

Rovi Webster (Australian)

Tom Daly (Great Britain)
Anton Downs-Jenkins (New Zealand)

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