Attention, plastic parts found! Don’t Eat Nippon Chocolate Puffed Rice

Attention, plastic parts found!  Don't Eat Nippon Chocolate Puffed Rice

Popular candy can be dangerous. For this reason, manufacturer Hosta is recalling its Chocolate Puffed Rice Nippon. What is the reason and what should consumers do now?

The company Hosta, works for Chocolate Specialties GmbH & Co. KG, is currently recalling one of its popular and well-known chocolate puffed rice products. In particular, it is:

  • nippon
    200 grams
    Batch numbers L291 and L292 . with
    and best mhd before date 03.2023
Nippon: Some batches of chocolate puffed rice may have plastic parts. (source: manufacturer images)

The recall is nationwide and affects all sales outlets.

Why is Nippon remembered?

According to Hosta, “there is a risk that plastic parts have gotten into the product”. According to the official statement, these packaging may come from the cover of the machine.

Why are plastic parts dangerous?

Because of their consistency and size, plastic parts can injure the mouth and throat, esophagus or digestive system if accidentally consumed. Digestive problems may also occur. For these reasons, the company advises hosta not to consume Nippon batches affected by the recall.

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