Austria Nightclub Opens: “On Very Thin Ice”

Austria Nightclub Opens: "On Very Thin Ice"

Status: 04.07.2021 at 12:43 PM.

Nightlife in Austria remained stagnant for more than a year. This weekend the club opened for the first time. However, club operators fear the country opened up too quickly.

From Nadja Armbrust,
ARD studio Vienna

It is shortly before midnight on the Vienna Danube Canal. Gabriel Lachner and his friends wait at the entrance to “Greylan Forley”. Today they are going to party again for the first time. “It’s my first day of independence. And it feels completely safe,” says Lachner. He has already been vaccinated. It really was time that nightlife could return.

Nightclubs in Austria are able to reopen from 1 July. The curfew has been abolished and there is no need for masks. Anyone celebrating indoors will have to provide their contact details. Clubs cannot hold more than 75 percent. Guests must be vaccinated, tested, or recovered.

no chance without trial

Shortly before the inauguration, the city of Vienna tightened the rules even more. The “living room rapid test” is not accepted as evidence – a PCR gargle test or an official antigen rapid test is required.

At the entrance to “Greylen Forle”, the gatekeeper sends a group of young men away. The evidence for vaccination or testing is not enough here. The club only allows those who have purchased tickets in advance by at least 1 pm. So the queue is smaller, the access is faster. “Garish Trout” demands more than is required by law.

Gabriel Lachner and his friends have tickets. You can reach there in few minutes.

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club scene next lockdown fears

The Viennese club scene is cautious, with much at stake. Martina Bruner of “Vienna Club Commission” Service Point explains: “We don’t want to be the scapegoats who will have to close again in September.”

“WERK” is just around the corner. Here too people are being sent again. Here also antigen testing or digital proof of vaccination is not enough. Owner Stephen Sturzer leaning toward the entrance has no mercy. “Nobody comes in without a negative PCR test result. Finished!” St├╝rzer is furious.

“We shouldn’t have opened for two months”

“I think we opened two months ago in Austria. In our country, the mistakes of last year are being repeated. Now we are on very thin ice.” Sturzer and other club operators have advocated waiting until more young people are vaccinated and then opening up for two months.

We have to pull our minds together now, the next two months will be crucial.

It is very easy to do PCR test in Vienna. The city called all citizens “Ales Gargalt!” Presents as part of. Opportunity to test yourself free of cost regularly using PCR Gargle Test. PCR tests are available in drugstore chains, the result comes digitally.

If all goes well, the club operator wants to allow antigen testing in a few weeks, but it is still too early for that.

Vaccination center with live music

Because so few young people are vaccinated, the city of Vienna is now hosting live concerts with local bands next to the vaccination center in Vienna, Austria, for the second weekend.

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Local bands play at the Austria Center Vienna every weekend. But there is no party going on here.

Image: Nadja Crossbow

The real party is not going on here, people want to get vaccinated. Melike and Ryan Selicel knew nothing about live music, but waited their turn in front of the stage. It is vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson. Apart from the live music, this should be another incentive for youngsters who want to go abroad in summer, as one shot is enough here. Even with a vaccination, they don’t get into a particularly strict Viennese nightclub for some time.

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