Austria: Van der Belen intervenes in crisis surrounding Chancellor Kurz

Austria: Van der Belen intervenes in crisis surrounding Chancellor Kurz

Federal President Alexander Van der Belen is also now intervening in the government crisis in Austria. Heads of state will speak to the heads of all parliamentary parties on Thursday and Friday, announced the presidential chancellor of the Austrian news agency APA. Thursday afternoon will begin with green vice chancellor Werner Kogler and suspected corruption chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP). Later, SPO leader Pamela Randy-Wagner is asked by van der Belen. The heads of the liberal Neos and the heads of the right-wing FPÖ, Beit Meinl-Risinger and Herbert Kickl will follow on Friday.

The pressure on the Austrian chancellor increased on Thursday after raids on the chancellor, the finance ministry and the OVP party headquarters. His coalition partner, the Greens, also questioned Kurz’s ability to act and announced talks with leaders of other National Council parties on how to proceed. “We cannot go on the agenda, against this background the federal chancellor’s ability to act has been questioned,” said Kogler, the chancellor and Greens leader. “We have to ensure stability and order.” A day earlier, the opposition had demanded Kurj’s resignation.

The moderate Neos accused him of “apparent incompetence for office” and called for a fresh start for the country. “It can’t go on like this,” said opposition leader Beit Meinl-Risinger on Thursday. The country needs a clean government. New elections are not necessary for this. Chancellor Kurz refused to resign from the country and office.

Kurz tried again on Wednesday evening to refute prosecutors’ allegations of corruption. Kurz said in the ORF news program “ZiB2” there is no indication that he is personally involved, for example, in conducting favorable opinion polls or advertising for them. In. rss / rd / article /. “All these allegations that exist are directed against the employees of the Ministry of Finance,” Kurz emphasized. The fact that elections were manipulated in his favor is absurd because dozens of elections over the 2016 period revealed very similar values ​​for parties and politicians. Kurz refused to resign.

It’s about positive reporting bought with tax money

The Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (WKStA) on Wednesday searched the Chancellor, the Ministry of Finance and the OVP headquarters. The Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating Kurz and some of his close confidants on suspicion of breach of trust, bribery and corruption. The team of the nearly 35-year-old head of government is said to have bought positive reporting in a tabloid medium with tax money since 2016 to pave the way from Kurz to party leadership and chancellor. A brief confidante in the finance ministry is said to have played a key role in raising the funds.

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According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the results of a potentially manipulated survey were published in the editorial section of the Austrian daily newspaper and other media belonging to this group – without declaring advertisements.

According to the authority, there is a suspicion that government officials in return paid the media company in terms of media and advertising collaborations. According to WKStA, the evidence confiscated during the search of the house will now be looked at and evaluated. The media group denies the allegations. The company said that there was never an agreement between the media group “Austria” and the Ministry of Finance to pay for surveys through advertisements.

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