Boris Johnson: What is Carrie Symonds’ role in renewal?

Boris Johnson: What is Carrie Symonds' role in renewal?

“She buys gold wallpaper.” This is the sentence that the British Prime Minister is going to use Boris johnson Staff reported on the interior design plans of her fiance Carrie Symonds last year. Apparently she was handling the former Prime Minister’s department store “nightmares” In theresa No longer out in Downing Street. It was redefined.

The words have now made their way through the British media. Luxury renovation of Johnson’s official apartment Just a question of good taste. The British Prime Minister is suspected of financing his partner’s expensive furnishings with the help of a secret donor.

Johnson is entitled to a maximum of £ 30,000 in taxpayers’ money to remodel his office. The renovation is said to have exceeded this amount. Unconfirmed reports say about 200,000 pounds (about 230,000 euros). Not only the media in the United Kingdom, but now people who come with gold wallpaper are surprised. The Election Commission has launched an official inquiry. The room is suspected of a donation and cover-up scam.

While Johnson increasingly struggles to explain, his fiancée continues to be the center of attention. In social networks, the hashtag #CarrieAntoinette collects partially biting and partially humorous responses.

Even though the hashtag is sexist, many believe the guillotine’s death worsened after the 1793 revolution, and Symonds does not do justice to the naive French royal wife. It has long been speculated that Symonds’ influence on Downing Street is more than just a decision about decorum.

Symonds’ influence on personnel decisions

The 33-year-old worked as a communications specialist at the Conservative Party headquarters. He is considered ambitious, and in 2018, at the age of 29, became the youngest communications chief in the party’s history. It was there that he and Johnson met. Last year Symonds gave birth to their son Wilfred.

Symonds does not have an official function, does not sit on committees, has access to documents or is involved in the decision-making process. However, his influence is attributed, for example, to the fact that Johnson is now committed to “green” environmental issues. Symonds is a passionate advocate for animal rights. In addition, he should also intervene in personnel matters.

If you don’t fit in, you have to go – at least Johnson’s former mentor, Dominic Cummings, who reports on his blog. Symonds’ friends, on the other hand, would hold important positions. Cummings himself had to work last year Take off his hat – even then there were rumors that his resignation was the result of an internal power struggle with Symonds.

“The most powerful people in government are now close to Symonds,” writes the British “Gureadian” and gives some examples. Deputy Chief of Staff Simone Finn hosted Symonds’ 30th birthday. Johnson’s mentor Henry Newman reportedly called Symonds one of his favorite people.

There is currently much speculation in the UK press about Johnson’s fiancée ambitions. For many critics, however, fights and rumors about his perceived influence are further evidence of the weak leadership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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