the inspection! Concert cancellation case now for prosecutor | news

the inspection!  Concert cancellation case now for prosecutor |  news

racial discrimination investigation ,

Concert termination case now for prosecutor

Bern (Switzerland) – After the reggae band “Lawworm” canceled their concert at the alternative left-wing restaurant “Brasserie Lorraine” in Bern in mid-July, the public prosecutor is now under investigation on suspicion of racial discrimination against unidentified individuals.

Junj SVP (Young Party of the Swiss People’s Party) had filed a complaint against the restaurant operator.

“What happened at the Brasserie in Bern is racism against whites,” said party president David Trachsel (27). The party says the concert was canceled only because the reggae musicians are white and not of indigenous background.

In fact, after the concert was canceled on social networks, the organizer announced that many visitors “uncomfortable with the situation” would be expressed.

Some guests will be upset that blonde musicians wear the Rasta hairstyle. Also, they could not play reggae. The music has its origins in the black, indigenous people of Jamaica.

Less than a month after the concert was cancelled, the band was invited to the Lorraine-Chilby Quartierfest in Bern.

Photo: flamewarm_music/Instagram

Now the Public Prosecutor’s Office has to find those who made racist remarks about the musicians. If convicted of racial discrimination, he faces up to three years in prison.

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