“Avatar” and “Titanic” get higher frame rate remastering

"Avatar" and "Titanic" get higher frame rate remastering

The films “Avatar” and “Titanic” should not only be released in 4K resolution and with an increased contrast range (High Dynamic Range, HDR), but also receive a so-called HFR remastering. Movies play at a higher frame rate (Higher Frame Rate, HFR) than the typical 24 frames per second for feature films (25 frames per second for European productions).

This commission was announced by the company pixelworks, whose “Truecut Motion” technology is to be used. What’s special about this solution is that movies with 24 frames per second aren’t just given a faster frame rate, but each individual frame is individually adjusted. Accordingly, technology should interfere less strongly in quieter scenes.

In combination with other post-production tools, the distinctive “cinema look” must be preserved. Critics of HFR Productions are baffled by what they think of the “soap opera” effect often encountered. The foreground and background would stand out from each other (especially in the case of panning), as if the actors were acting in front of a cardboard background. In addition, the sharp movements would be played back without judgment, but they seemed unnatural. Everything is practically reminiscent of a cheap “soap opera” production.

According to Pixelworks, the technology could be used not only in the cinema, but in the living room as well. However, there implementation depends on the appropriate video processor in the television, which controls playback based on the metadata in the video data stream. Suitable devices are available from TCL from this year.

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Interestingly, “Truecut Motion” can also be used for native high frame rate recording. In this case, motion blur is then added.

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