Bamberger wants to create new incentives for more organic farming in the Groene Bamberg area

Bamberger wants to create new incentives for more organic farming in the Groene Bamberg area

Green applications: The city should lease agricultural areas primarily organic and without exception pesticide-free.

The Bamburg Greens want to give a strong impetus to systematically driven agriculture in the future. If an application by Green City Counselor Andreas Eyeshancer is successful, the city will primarily lease its agricultural land to tenants who cultivate it systematically. Municipal corporation subsidiaries and foundations should also work in the future according to this principle. This affects the entire region, as the city and its daughters also lease land in the district.

Eichencer considers the European Union guidelines for organic farming decisive. Alternatively, contractual nature protection with a lower nature conservation authority may be effective, that is, an individually negotiated agreement on biological management. It also stipulates that glyphosate and comparable total herbicides should be excluded, and that the first sowing of the grassland should not occur before June 15.

The Greens also want the city of Bamberg to apply for the title “Pesticide Free Municipality”, which the BUND (Federation for Environment and Nature Conservation) awards in its campaign of the same name. Along with applying for a lease mechanism, the city of Bamberg is on its way to meeting the title criteria.

Andreas Eishancer views its application in a larger context. He is interested in biodiversity and conservation of species, habitat for animals and insects, conservation of soil and groundwater – and last but not least, healthy food. “The city should serve as a role model, promoting organic farming where possible, and showing what is possible if the municipality sets the right course.” Also, the Green City Council is working on the acceptance of organic food in municipal facilities. to be determined.

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