Bauer is looking for a woman at the international level: Felix gives Simone a basket

Bauer is looking for a woman at the international level: Felix gives Simone a basket

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Mercy! Feather “Farmer looking for a woman internationally” There is no such thing as a happy ending in Peru. “Something sparked, but I’m still missing something” – Coffee Farmer Felix (55) Still a love holds back. Actually, things were going pretty well between him and Waiting Simone. He was hugged and kissed — but shortly before Felix gives a basket to a frustrated Simone, as we show in the video above.

With Farmer Felix, Emotions Aren’t Enough

It’s obviously tough for her, but Felix wants to be honest at the end of the courtroom week: “Somehow I’m not sure if I’m ready for a relationship. It all happened too quickly for me.” Hearing these words from the mouth of her coffee farmer is a hard blow for Simone of Saxony. The 58-year-old tries to accept the basket calmly from the outside – but in her heart she is deeply disappointed: “I’m smiling now. That’s my way of dealing with things. I then always cry on my own pillow.” Of course I’m sad… it hurts me already”.

Felix is ​​also torn as to whether he made the right decision. But she holds onto it: her feelings for Simone aren’t strong enough.

Simone tears up after saying goodbye

So it’s time to say goodbye to the Peruvian jungle. Simone Farmer doesn’t want to be naked in front of Felix. As she hops into the taxi, she smiles bravely and is accompanied by a hug and a kiss. They both enjoy time together at Felix’s coffee farm and neither of them will forget it.

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On her way to the airport, however, Simone can no longer hide her feelings. “It hurts” … and bitter tears of despair flow, as can be seen in the video here:

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