“Beat the Star”: Valentina Pahde makes Union Berlin German champion – TV

"Beat the Star": Valentina Pahde makes Union Berlin German champion - TV

Women fight in “Schlag Den Star” on Saturday evening!

Presenter Elton (50) got actress Valentina Pahde (27) and presenter Vivian Geppert (30) to compete for the famous suitcase worth 100,000 euros.

Both had nothing to give to each other. Vivian GZSZ was sure of her victory over the actress: “Good times for me, bad times for you. What a shame, Pahde!”

Valentina replied: “I’ll pat her bum respectfully.” However, Elton acknowledged his nervousness: “I feel my heart up to my neck, it’s really cruel!”

GZSZ star Valentina Pahde (left) competes against ProSieben presenter Vivian GeppertPhoto: Stephen Jade Wolfe / DPA

Elton also went to the tip. He had difficulty moving the bar during the first game “Stand-High Jump”: “I’m trembling a lot. I don’t know if it’s up to you.”

Valentina Pahde mastered the sport with flying colors and was able to assert herself against her opponent in upcoming games such as “Inline Skating” and “High Wire Race”.

Valentina was also able to score points in “sit-down football”. Valentina’s professional footballer Rurik Gislason (33, former Icelandic national football team) was certainly pleased…

Icelandic soccer star Rurik Gislason.  In Germany he especially in 2021

Icelandic soccer star Rurik Gislason. In Germany she made herself a fan especially with her participation in “Let’s Dance” in 2021. There he met ValentinaPhoto: Rurikgislasson / Instagram

Later, the “Let’s Dance” runner-up had problems. In the game “Lafred”, in which the revolutions were collected like a hamster wheel, Valentina repeatedly lay down, even fearing to be hurt: “Is my lip bleeding?”

Then she groaned: “That’s scary, that part! What a sh***!”

Vivian was also tired: “What are you doing with us here? This, that moment, when you ask yourself: What have you found yourself in here?”

Moderator Elton has fun with two candidates who fought hard for victory

Moderator Elton has fun with two candidates who fought hard for victoryPhoto: ProSieben / Willie Weber

But it had to get worse. After several more sports games, knowledge was questioned – and here Valentina Pahde’s theme of “football” was undone!

The “who knows more” candidates in the game were to name the 17 German teams that had been German football champions since 1949. It was a difficult task for both of them, who were finding it difficult to find the answer.

Vivian (right) manages to reach the match point game due to Valentina's wrong answer

Vivian (right) manages to reach the match point game due to Valentina’s wrong answerPhoto: ProSieben / Willie Weber

At least thinking of Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Eintracht Frankfurt, Valentina Pahde suddenly claimed: “Union Berlin!”

A omission in which Elton couldn’t resist laughing: “No…they weren’t there!” However, he himself was surprised when the correct answers were displayed: “I was also surprised by HSV. But so…”

Vivian Geppert also got big eyes: “1860 Munich? Still?”

However, Valentina’s football mistake helped Vivian match ball game. In the nerve-wracking “pit-pat”, a billiard ball had to be pushed into the hole through obstacles, similar to miniature golf. Valentina Pahde’s nerves were on edge: “I feel like I’m hurt. I can’t think clearly!”

Nevertheless, he defended this match point and got one last chance in the last game “hurdles”. Before that, she quickly ran to the toilet: “Can I go faster?”

Twin sister Cheyenne (27) in the audience asked Elton to show her the upcoming game: “This is the best moment you can show us!” failed miserably and then complained: “Oh, now I pulled myself up…”

The two women presented themselves more efficiently, climbed obstacles confidently and fought head-to-head.

Elton could hardly contain the tension: “Whoever wins this round now wins the show. It couldn’t be more exciting today! Commentator Ron Ringguth (55) also caught his breath: “I hardly dare say anything. Both are almost equal!”

1. FC Union Berlin fans are likely to be in their favor after Pahde’s unexpected championship award. In the end, however, the victory went downhill to Vivian Gepert, who received the case with 100,000 euros, jubilantly.

It's a suitcase!  Moderator Vivian won the setback

It’s a suitcase! Moderator Vivian won the setbackPhoto: ProSieben / Willie Weber

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