Before the start of the pace in Canada – start the season for leisurely “classic hunter” fuses? – Play

Before the start of the pace in Canada - start the season for leisurely "classic hunter" fuses?  - Play

Beat Fuse enters the North American race without any specific goal. The Olympic champion relies on his routine.

The cancellation of the planned double descent in Zermatt was not inconvenient for Beat Fuse: “I didn’t train more often in the summer than Zermatt would have been earlier,” said the 35-year-old. Thus, the pre-season could go like previous years. “I’m at an age where you don’t have to turn everything upside down anymore.”

Fuz’s training schedule has been manageable since the Zermatt cancellation: two days of super-G training at home and now five training days at Panorama (CAN). “And now I don’t ski to Lake Louise (First race on November 25, editor’s note),

Working on the “Curve Problem”

In training, Fuse focused on approaching curves, where he said he had an “x year” weakness: “I’m someone who skis impatiently. That means I drive quickly into corners. And that’s no use, especially in super-G.”

Amteler does not want to speculate about his form at the moment. And they haven’t decided on “desired placements” for the overseas weekends at Lake Louise (Nov. 25-27) and Beaver Creek (Dec. 2-4). “I just want to ski well and show I’m in it.”

Wengen victory instead of Downhill World Cup?

A few weeks ago, Fuzz described himself as a “Classic Hunter” in the upcoming season. In other words, he values ​​success at Wengen and Kitzbühel more than retrieving the little crystal ball he had to hand to Alexander Kilde (NOR) after four consecutive victories last season.

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Of course, he didn’t give up the fight for the downhill World Cup he lost from the start: “After the North American races, I can say more about where I stand. If it works out right away, a lot is possible.” ”

Naidegger: “Beats are always expected”

Speed ​​coach Reto Nyedegger’s assessment is similar: “He usually needs a few races to get in. But then it ‘marches’.” He had a good impression of the last few days of training: “With Beat everything is always stable and he is fast. You can always count on him.”

At least it didn’t get worse last year: Fuze finished on the podium in both races which could have been

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