This everyday desk assistant is actually a power guzzler

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Better not to use it! This Everyday Helper Is a Hidden Power Guzzler


Due to the particularly high energy prices at this time, the motto is becoming increasingly common: save, save, save! That’s why many consumers are trying all kinds of tricks and tips to reduce their consumption at home. But how many hidden lightning miners are in the home isn’t really clear to most people. For example, if you spend a lot of time on a laptop or PC, you can save a few dollars just by turning off one simple task.

Are you currently trying to save energy in everyday life?

Do you often work on PC? This function eats up an unimaginable amount of power

This may come as a surprise: computer screen savers ain’t easy – least of all it costs electricity! That’s because PC’s monitors and graphics cards require more power, especially those with color moving pictures — those screen savers with flying soap bubbles, for example — according to Consumer Advice Centers.

Anyone who finds prolonged periods of time interrupting their work or enjoyment of the computer should use power saving mode Or enable hibernation. This allows you to work with the device more economically. The Consumer Advice Center recommends switching on one of two energy-saving settings after 15 minutes of inactivity at the latest.

Of these two settings, hibernation saves power – it’s the equivalent of turning off the computer. In power saving mode, the PC continues to consume power.

Reading Tip: Even if you switch off these power-consuming appliances in the house, you still save – up to 745 euros a year!


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