Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre in “Chez Kromer”: allusions to Springer Media

Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre in "Chez Kromer": allusions to Springer Media

RBB has a fifth season premiere in cromery Put one of these completely pointless surveys into a YouTube chat that everyone should participate in, however no one is interested in the results. “What do you think: What category do Stuckrad-Barre fall into?” Asks RBB and offers three options – friend, asshole or “an entirely new category”.

On the one hand, it follows the core idea of ​​this very good format, with host Kurt Kromer praising some of his guests and despising others. On the other hand, the question itself gets answered even before the stream starts. “A whole new category”, which applies to much of the full-time writer Benjamin von Stuchrad-Barre and what sets him apart.

Recently, however, Stuckrad-Barre was active in the media and the scandalous space of Germany. The central figure in taking over Julian Reichelt as editor-in-chief of imageSo central that one may wonder what it’s like to be at the breakfast table in Brooklyn or Queens when people leave each other new York Times read aloud and then stumbled across the name “Stuck-Red-Barry”.

“Isn’t that Rudy-Dutschke-Strauss!?”

So there was a lot of popcorn in the bag when Cromer went to the stocked bar new season premiere. And for the record, Kroemer’s tentative attempt to question Stuckrad-Barre about the Springer case may have gotten the least attention. “There’s a lot going on in Springer right now,” Kromer said. “Yeah, I don’t know, yes?” Stuckrad-Barre replied. He’s currently writing a book, so he doesn’t always read that much. Any more questions, anyway?

Cromer said: “You can’t talk about it now, can you?” Stuckrad-Barre said: “What?” Kromer says: “If I were a lawyer now… I might as well tell you… the legal position in the Springer case is very, very mining… Don’t say anything, nothing… That’s it only.” security that you have”. At that time the director of the television theater played the tune of lindenstrasse a. Stuckrad-Barre said: “Isn’t that Rudy-Dutschke-Strauss!?”

The fact that Rudi-Dutschke-Strae meets a real Lindenstrae in Berlin, where Axel-Springer-Strae also stops, suggests a whole new class of money. To continue, by all means.

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