Beyonce: Rightly said Fred accused her of stealing music! , Entertainment

Beyonce: Rightly said Fred accused her of stealing music!  ,  Entertainment

It’s About the Mega Hit “I’m Too Sexy” ,

“Right Said Fred” Accused Beyoncé of Stealing Music!

At the end of July, Beyoncé (41) finally released new music after a six-year break. Their seventh album “Renaissance” was number one on the Billboard chart, as were all previous albums. How could it have happened to Queen-Bey otherwise! Fans celebrate the latest songs of Mega Star.

But who’s really mad at the singer? Composer of the band Right Sad Fred. He claimed that Beyoncé was “arrogant” and used the beats of her single “I’m Too Sexy” for her new hit “Alien Superstar” without her permission.

Total nonsense, responds Beyoncé. Conversely, the publishers of both allowed Beyoncé to use the songs and the band was compensated for it.

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Photo: Sony Music Germany

The English pop band Right Said Fred, founded by brothers Fred (58) and Richard Fairbrass (69), celebrated great success in the 90s. One of his most listened to songs is his 1991 hit “I’m Too Sexy”. And this is exactly what Beyoncé is said to have used without consent.

Right said opposite Fred”Sun“: “Usually the artist would come to us, but Beyoncé didn’t because she’s such an arrogant person that she probably thought, ‘Come and get me,’ so we find out later that she stole our music. ”

in Germany

Rightly said Fred in “Schlagerbaum” in Germany 2019

photo: photo combine/dpa/henning kaiser

What did Beyoncé say about the allegations? The claims are “false, incredibly outrageous and untrue”. Permission was sought before the management of Right Said Fred. The two people are also listed as co-writers on Beyoncé’s new single.

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Beyoncé’s Management” mail onlineNot only was it allowed to be used, but the two publicly expressed their gratitude for being on the album. No audio recording was used for his song, only the composition was used.

Authorization was requested in May and received in June. Compensation was given in August. “Together, Wright states that Fred is the owner more than any other individual author and is credited as a co-author. This allegation is false,” Beyoncé’s statement continued.

“I’m Too Sexy” topped the US charts for three weeks in early 1992 and the top 100 chart for 21 weeks according to Billboard.

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