Biden signs off on import ban for China’s Xinjiang province

Biden signs off on import ban for China's Xinjiang province

YouS President Joe Biden China has signed a law banning the import of many products from the Xinjiang region. The law, signed by the US president on Thursday, bans products made in whole or in part in this Chinese province – unless companies can prove that the products were not made using forced labor, which is considered difficult. Is.

The law’s background is a dispute between Washington and Beijing over alleged human rights violations against the predominantly Muslim Uighur minority in western China. China denies US allegations that the provincial government is “genocide” on minorities. Among other things, China is accused of forcing thousands of Uighurs to be placed under house arrest in re-education camps and forced to work.

New US law requires that imports of three products be specifically controlled: cotton, for which Xinjiang is one of the world’s largest producers; Tomatoes, which are produced in large quantities in the region; and polysilicon, a material used in the manufacture of solar modules. This is the first import ban of its kind in the world.

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the law “gives the government new tools to prevent the importation of forced labor products into Xinjiang and holds the individuals and organizations behind these abuses accountable”. He again called on the Chinese government to end “genocide and crimes against humanity”.

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