Sebastian Kurz tough: Austria’s chancellor wants to accept zero Afghans! – domestic policy

Sebastian Kurz tough: Austria's chancellor wants to accept zero Afghans!  - domestic policy

Strong declaration by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (35) on migration issue: He does not want to allow refugees from Afghanistan into the country.

In an interview with Bild TV station, Bild Live, Kurz saw pictures of refugees who had initially fled Iran in sandals on craggy cliffs. Do they worry that another wave of refugees will enter Europe – like in 2015?

In short: “I believe we still have many options to prevent 2015 from happening again.”

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Because there are differences: “At the time, unrestricted entry into Central Europe was advertised in Europe. European money has been used to relocate people throughout Europe to choose which country to apply for asylum in. Public transport was used to bring people from Greece to Germany or Sweden within a few days,” Kurz said in a Bild live interview.

and now? In short: “Today it is completely different. has been invested in border security; For example, Greece has a government that is fighting large-scale illegal migration. Turkey has a different attitude.”

Austrian Chancellor’s Conclusion: “There are many things that cannot be compared to 2015, thank goodness! And many European countries have completely different signs.”

Nevertheless, the following applies: “We must always be vigilant.”

Sebastian Kurz believes that local aid is the better solution: “It is important that people in Afghanistan are cared for and supported through humanitarian efforts and that we help neighboring countries.”

But he emphasizes: “What I would consider wrong is that if the dire situation in Afghanistan now leads to uncontrolled migration to Europe, where smugglers end up making money, people drown in the Mediterranean and We experience a situation in Europe that we don’t. Want to experience that again.”

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To summarize again in simple language: “What are we doing? We rely on humanitarian assistance on site, but we are not ready to voluntarily accept Afghans in Austria. We have already clarified that we are not participating in such views of recording. We already have one of the largest Afghan communities, and this is a huge integration challenge. And we won’t hire extra people.”

Does Kurz also want to continue deporting Afghans from Austria?

A clear answer: “Yes, Afghans are still being deported. As far as the direct connection between Kabul Airport and Afghanistan is concerned, this is neither legally possible nor actually possible. But many of the people applying for asylum with us are not from Afghanistan at all. For example, they are Afghani who come from Iran. We will definitely deport them. Or they are Dublin affairs that we deport to Romania because Romania is responsible in terms of Dublin rules.”

“It’s a process based on the rule of law that’s completely legitimate,” Kurz explains. “I have always spoken in favor of people not being able to choose where to apply for asylum. When someone enters Greece or Romania, it is not a right to say ‘I want to live in Austria’, but a state of security, which they can achieve in the country where they first set foot on European soil Was.”

The situation in Afghanistan frustrates the Austrian chancellor: “The outlook for the future is certainly a bleak one, but I hope that many countries can alleviate the greatest suffering.”

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