Bizarre Appearance – Embarrassing: Heidi Klum’s TV Campaign Backfired

Bizarre Appearance - Embarrassing: Heidi Klum's TV Campaign Backfired

Heidi Klum caused an uncomfortable moment on a US talk show. Photo: Hediklum / Instagram

Embarrassing moment for Heidi Klum: The action on TV completely turned upside down

Heidi Klum not on the bus Germany A popular TV face, but also in her adopted home America. The open-minded, sometimes slightly over-the-top nature of the “GNTM” boss just takes care of everything anytime and anywhere. entertainment. The many public moments of unrecognizable shame with Heidi cannot be avoided, As told by his own daughter Lenny.

Now that time had come again: A TV appearance backfired. Heidi Had An Embarrassing Moment On The Ellen DeGeneres Show This WeekWhen she tried to intimidate the presenter and mercilessly failed.

Heidi Klum campaign failed

During her opening monologue on the show, DeGeneres told the audience that she hadn’t been able to scare anyone in a long time. In fact, it is a tradition for celebrity guests on the show to get upset during interviews by the producers, which were previously hidden in a box.

After the comedian raised the topic Language: Hindi Heidi Klum suddenly appeared from the background with a wild scream. She had made herself comfortable in a box disguised as a table and suddenly jumped out. Problem: DeGeneres wasn’t intimidated at all, on the contrary, not totally impressed. So the plan went wrong.

Heidi Klum suddenly appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Image: Michael Rosman / Warner Bros.

Heidi Klum takes it easy

Nevertheless, the studio audience enthusiastically applauded Heidi, who in turn asked uncertainly: “Did it work?” In the end, it didn’t really matter, even to the 48-year-old personally. “I’ve always wanted to do this”He added with childish enthusiasm as he stepped out of the box.

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It’s possible that Allen was drawn to the action anyway, so that Heidi had practically no chance to seriously shock the American comedian. Still, the scene is part of a long series of surprisingly awkward Heidi Klum moments. anyway, they love him fan especially for this.

later interview Incidentally, Heidi spoke about her daughter Lenny’s future modeling career, saying: “It’s so incredibly crazy when your kid works out. The phone doesn’t stand still. But I’m so happy for her.” she’s a good girl and she’s good but school


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